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Thursday, May 25, 2017

Ocean City beachgoers are warned to be mindful of pedestrians

STEVENSVILLE, Md. — When getting footloose and carefree at the beach, don’t forget pedestrian road rules, officials warn as they gear up for a busy Memorial Day weekend.

“You need to obey the laws. You need to use crosswalks. You need to use the signaled intersections,” Ocean City Mayor Rick Meehan said while expressing condolences to the family of a man fatally struck May 21 by a car in the resort town.

The 23-year-old Pennsylvania man who was killed was not in a crosswalk. A 50-year-old Waldorf, Maryland, man is charged with drunken driving in the fatal crash.

Meehan discussed Ocean City’s Walk Smart campaign with WTOP at Tuesday’s safety event, sponsored by AAA Mid-Atlantic and held near the Chesapeake Bay Bridge.



Anonymous said...

Oh my goodness. This is liberal insanity. Thanks, obama!

Anonymous said...

Lather/Rinse/Repeat each/every single year. Just a suggestion CITY HALL - hire (to ponder, just do it) and place a few EXTRA officers in front of the "challenging" areas

* 45th - 49th Streets (yes with an S at the end) to cover ALL properties of Seacrets. The THREE Holidays AND every Saturday night

* 94th Street. Seems to be an ongoing problem there since it is a MAJOR intersection. Weekends

* 33rd Street. You have the traffic outflow from the downtown/hotel/motel row merging to coastal highway. You have MAJOR hotels there now, watering holes, fast food chains on the bayside, et al. Weekends

* Downtown streets. You know exactly the streets that are troublesome hence the cavalcade of street/bike/horsemen officers. Need to move them a street inland sometimes TOO. Like Friday/Sat nights when everyone is making their way to the south inlet. Do not EVER think drinking only happens when dark. It happens 24/7 with bars practically on every street corner from the Route 90 bridge to downtown. NO EXCUSES.

One other thing to remember, JUNEBUGS and other Snowflakes do not watch TV, listen to the radio (not that there is much on the radio anymore) or read the local they will not get the "message" to behave and not play frogger!!!

Enforcement, Enforcement, Enforcement - that's the ONLY way to be successful!

Anonymous said...

you can put up all the barricades in the world but when someone doesn't want to use the crosswalks the just wont. I agree with enforcement

Anonymous said...

Ocean City beachgoers are warned to be mindful of pedestrians

Your drunk tourists are YOUR responsibility, NOT mine!

Anonymous said...

I say pedestrians especially drunken ones need to be mindful of cars that outweigh them more then 100 times and are moving at greater velocity. Darwin Rules!

Anonymous said...

Hey Rick don't you think you should be doing your photo shot about this on coastal highway where this always happen every year?
What the hell does stevensville have to do with this?
Give me a break.

Anonymous said...

Yes, we have to look out for stupid people...
Get a dashcam - so you can prove they stepped out in front of you and you couldn't avoid them!

Anonymous said...

Don't drink and walk.

Anonymous said...

Until the OCPD decides to enforce traffic and pedestrian laws, nothing will change. Not a single cop to be spotted last Saturday night in downtown and it was the gridlock of hell. Pretty bad that bus drivers (without any safety training) had to walk into the street to try and put some order to the mayhem. It's as though traffic duty is below the dignity of the OCPD of late. All they seem to want to do is sit in their cars and play with their computers. As an example, last Sunday morning, over 3 hours following the pedestrian death near 45th street, there were STILL 5 patrol cars with their flashing lights sitting in the bus lane. If they are not needed for citizen services, send them home. The unions are making them too expensive to be used as spectators.

Anonymous said...

I've lived a long time by looking out for cars. If you think a driver can see you at night against all the lights in OC you may as well be drunk.
In the daytime can be just as dangerous if one little hottie with almost nothing on is crossing at the same time. Nobody see's you brother trust me.