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Tuesday, April 04, 2017

Police, minority groups differ over immigration bill

ANNAPOLIS, Md. —The heat is on over an immigration bill that's languishing in a Senate committee.

Gov. Larry Hogan has vowed to veto the bill while minority groups, including Muslims, are saying the legislation addresses racial profiling.

Bill opponents, including police, are calling on residents to demand that they want a state of law and order, not a sanctuary state. Supporters said it builds trust between residents and police, and guards against racial profiling.

"Not only will we become a sanctuary, but we will become a magnet for criminal activity," Frederick County Sheriff Charles Jenkins said.

"I've heard stories of children who have stopped wanting to go to school, people who have hid in closets, people who don't want to go to restaurants," said Nadia Syahmalina, with the Muslim Democratic Club of Montgomery County.



Anonymous said...

MD legislature has to allow Police to do their jobs Allow Police to protect the real tax payers and not allow illegals to be protected. MD cannot be a "sanctuary " state. If the Legislature wants to make MD a "sanctuary" state then they should make MD a "right to carry state". This is our 2nd amendment right given to us by the US Constitution. They have to allow the MD citizen to protect themselves / Family and property. Illegals are lawbreakers. The MD Legislature has allowed gangs to take over 80% of the Sate including MS-13. These illegals do not have any Constitutional rights and yet MD Legislature protects them. The real tax payer pays these clowns / con-artist / crooks / liars to protect us. These illegal pays nothing towards the Legislatures salary or benefits and is allowed to scam the MD tax payers by getting tax dollars and benefits that is not allowed by law.

Anonymous said...

Muslim Democratic Club of Montgomery County???
I will start a Christian Republican Club in Saudi Arabia. Or, maybe in Iran.