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Tuesday, April 04, 2017

Delaware adopts new opioid regulations

DOVER — Delaware has instituted new regulations in an effort to combat opioid addiction, the Department of State announced Monday.

The policy, set down after more than a year of cooperation between state officials, medical professionals and others, provides limits on dispensing drugs and seeks to better educate Delawareans about the risks.

The new regulations state a first-time prescription for an adult cannot provide more than a seven-day supply. Minors can never be given more than seven days’ worth of painkillers.

In the event a doctor determines a patient needs a larger supply, he or she must thoroughly document the condition, examine the patients’ prescription history, schedule follow-up appointments and warn the patient about the dangers of opioids.



Anonymous said...

Yet each doctor is paid zero for this extra effort.

Anonymous said...

get the gov't out of doctor offices between patient and doctor. Does the gov't have more large supplies of black market drugs they have to move and want people to not be able to get 'legal' drugs for their problems? There has to be a money angle somewhere in this.

Anonymous said...

They make more money bc the patients come back for another 7 day perscriptiom. Full visit price and copay.

Anonymous said...

New policy....They chose to use drugs...Let em' go!!! Eliminates users and dealers!

Anonymous said...

The Government needs to STFU. All more restrictions on opiates will do is drive more people to heroin.Bravo.

Anonymous said...

Getting into a pain management Dr. Is going to be the trick. I sent out request tru my Dr. My is Sept 15th. So my dr that I have been going to for over 10 years. Now has to cut back the meds that I've been on for over 10 years. And I have to wait 5 months to get into a dr. With what I've been getting barely making the pain manageable. Way to go gov.
Footnote, With this long wait to get into a dr I can see alot more people going to other means to cope with there pain.