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Tuesday, April 04, 2017

Dem Candidate Admits That He Lives Outside District He Is Running to Represent

Georgia Democrat Jon Ossoff, who is running to fill the congressional seat vacated by Tom Price earlier this year, admitted on Saturday during a town hall meeting that he does not currently reside in Georgia's sixth congressional district.

A town hall constituent asked Ossoff whether he lived in "district 6," citing conservatives and news outlets spreading the information that he did not live there.

Ossoff acknowledged that it was "absolutely right and appropriate" for voters to ask questions pertaining to the candidate's connections to the district they wish to represent.

"It is absolutely right and appropriate for voters to ask whether or not someone who is seeking to represent them has the kinds of deep connections and roots in the district like I do," Ossoff told the constituent.



Anonymous said...

I heard story's about 14 year old girl being dragged into a bathroom and assaulted by a illegal. This happened at a Maryland high school during school hours.

Anonymous said...

I ask this about Mathias all the time. He might keep his beach residence but did he return to his western shore roots and has he got a residence over there he lives at?

Anonymous said...

Nothing wrong here. The only requirement is that the representative live within the STATE he or she represents. There is, and never has been, a requirement to reside within one's DISTRICT.