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Thursday, February 02, 2017

Yeah, Once You Pay The 35% Fair Trade Tax


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Anonymous said...

Build that wall!!

Anonymous said...

Every time I go into Walmart at night I notice that there really are only foreigners shopping in there. Not sure why they are shopping at night but it is very interesting. I always try to pick a line to catch the foreigners are paying for their large cart loads of food items that I am paying for. They all have EBT cards and WIC checks. HOW THE HELL DO THEY DO THAT!!

Anonymous said...

Bob sells an avocado to the USA for $5 (sure, it's one expensive avocado).

Trump's import tax of $1 means that Jeff in the USA will pay $6 for the avocado.

Government gets their $1.

Bob in Mexico gets $5.

Who's paying for the wall?

Anonymous said...

9:01. Maybe you should mind your own business.

Anonymous said...

I apologize for repeating this, but why doesn't the fact that the wall will pay for itself get mentioned. If the taxpayer doesn't have to pay all the benefits to these illegals as noted above by 9:01. It peeves me off that the non-citizens get free phones, health care, welfare, food, "everything", along with much more we don't even hear about. Look at the drain on OUR education system. How is it fair for the taxpayer to lose funds from their family to pay for a illegal. Hell, just explain or tell me why it is fair and I will listen or change my mind if there is something I don't understand. I am a hard working American with a family to support.

As far as the post, keep his damn ball Senor Trump and give it to a citizen that paid for it.

Sorry for my rant, but they want to know why good ole boys go postal. We support you President Trump, please continue supporting us. And this all over a ball. Lol

Anonymous said...

He is minding his business. The business of his tax money going to fund illegals!

The Walmart in Georgetown is the worse. 90% of the people that shop in there don't speak English.

Anonymous said...

Most of the hispanics that I see shopping pay with cash. They shop at night because they work during the day and probably to avoid racists aholes.

Anonymous said...

2:36 you're right. Everyone's just mad Hispanics work harder than anyone else.