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Thursday, February 02, 2017

1962 in Ocean City: The Great March Storm of 1962


Anonymous said...

Look at all the sea level rise caused by global warming over the last 50 years! It's devastating! If it keeps up at that pace, ocean city will be under water next summer.

Rebel Without a Clue said...

It is amazing just how narrow the island was in that video. If it was not for development I think that OC would have been taken back by the sea by now. It looks like Buxton, NC with the sea right up next to the houses. Wow.

Anonymous said...

I remember the images from back then. The National Guard "guarding" piles of rubble from looters. As a child, my small mind wondered why there would need to be an armed guard at a pile of trash. Heck, it was just a N'or Easter, not even a hurricane. A family friend's business that was below one of the boardwalk hotels was full of sand from the floor to the ceiling after the storm. Ocean City has not seen anything like it since. Odds are, it's coming again.

Anonymous said...

I remember that storm as I was 10 years old. The ocean actually went over to the bay. As we went to Ocean City to see what had happened. There were National Guard at the west end of the Rt. 50 bridge. They were carrying rifles and stopping all vehicles and not letting them in Ocean City unless the owned property there. We crossed the bridge and went north toward Fenwick just seeing all the damage that had been done. I remember seeing all the sand on the highway as we were driving. It was definitely a sight to see and also a historic point in time for Ocean City. I am glad that some people were smart enough to take pictures or movies of the event as it is hard to explain in just words. At that time Rt. 50 was the only way into Ocean City as Rt.90 bridge had not been built yet.

Anonymous said...

1031 - absolutely.

Pics are one thing, but to see the devastation from a plane no less - unbelievable and heart clenching! One big storm and my buds in Ocean Pines/Lighthouse Sound areas will be Ocean Front - with the bay being the St. Lawrence River!

To think the south end would be completed washed over and say prob 28th street would become the south inlet - WOW!!