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Thursday, February 02, 2017

Obstructocrats boycott hearings on key Trump picks

Senate Democrats on Tuesday boycotted a critical markup of President Donald Trump’s nominations to lead the Treasury and Health and Human Services departments, leaving a senior GOP leader aghast and saying there is “no excuse” for “this type of crap.”

Senate Finance Committee Chairman Orrin Hatch, Utah Republican, and fellow GOP members said it was unprecedented and “shocking” for Democrats to skip the planned roll calls on Steve Mnuchin for Treasury and Rep. Tom Price at HHS.

Republicans were hoping to advance each of the nominees to the full Senate, so they could be confirmed by the GOP majority and fill out Mr. Trump’s Cabinet.

The boycott left a lopsided dais of stunned Republican members, who said Democrats had an unspecified “list of demands” regarding the nominees.

Republicans said they gave deference to Mr. Obama’s picks eight years ago, and that Democrats are leaving critical agencies without leaders.

“If the media doesn’t criticize them for this, then you’ll know what the country is going to go through in the future, Mr. Hatch said.



Anonymous said...

They need to be fired! If I don't go to work for 3 days it is considered I quit.

Anonymous said...

both Dems and Repubs NEED to work together. Tit for tat will no longer cut it in this day/age.

Things are changing so fast, those in the legacy generation (OLD PEOPLE LIKE ME) are left with our heads spinning, while the geners (Like Paul Ryan) are currently quiet letting it all sink in and the millinnies are acting like children who have no life seasoning at all.

CONgress needs to show the way immediately to promote a calmer environment - or every darn thing we know will go to the out-house and fast!!!!

I'm afraid recent protests are just the beginning!

Anonymous said...

So now who is obstructing and causing no work to be done in Washington? Only now, Republicans rule.