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Wednesday, February 08, 2017

Study Finds No Market For Indoor Sports Arena, But Demand For Outdoor Field Complex

SNOW HILL – A study conducted by the Maryland Stadium Authority indicates that while there is a market for an outdoor sports field complex in Worcester County, there’s little demand for an arena or ice rink.

On Tuesday Susan Sieger of Crossroads Consulting presented the Worcester County Commissioners with the market and economic impact study relating to the establishment of a sports arena. The idea was originally put forward by Hat Trick Consultants of Texas, a company that expressed interest in bringing a minor league hockey team to Delmarva.

Sieger said a number of factors limited demand for an ice rink but stressed that there was a market for a sports field complex that could be used for both tournaments and recreation.

“There was a lot of interest from potential users,” Sieger said.



Anonymous said...

They needed a study to determine there isn't a market for an indoor sports arena in this area? Dummies. Whatever happened to common sense? I said it all along because it's not like it's rocket science or anything.

Anonymous said...

And it took two years for the study smh

Anonymous said...

I call BS build it they will come..So which commissioner land is not picked for the site? No kickbacks from texas company? Somebodies rice bowl frazzled? If i win the lottery i would bulldoze the civic center and build a multi level parking garage there, then build a indoor/outdoor/concert/ice arena on the old mall site

Anonymous said...

But no alcohol sales and closed on Sunday.

Anonymous said...

Ha common sense. There is always a definite need for outdoor facilities...unfortunately that brings ZERO revenue to the county.

Whereas an indoor facility brings in revenue. Although there is a need outside, bank on the indoor facility being built and those better off financially benefiting!

Just look to many counties was only a matter of time for it to happen here.

Anonymous said...

Someone share with me where the nearest minor league hockey team currently is. Didn't WBOC go somewhere like Rochester, NY a while back to do a gushy piece before the booze sale vote?

I like hockey but by now we should have learned that promoters really willing to put some skin in the game by building and maintaining a facility are few and far between!

Simple as that. And if Worcester goes into the ballpark biz it will compete with our local fields and tournaments. Let me be the first to mention softball teams won't come here to look at a hockey rink!

Anonymous said...

How much money did they waste on that study??? Most of us could have told them that for free.

Anonymous said...

Indoor sports of women mud wrestling, woman roller derby, would sell seats!

Anonymous said...

934 is right and throw in some seed spitting tournaments