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Monday, February 20, 2017

Ben Shares His Rally Experience In Salisbury

I was at the "rally" with my sign and after a while I realized why I had hesitated going and why I didn't stay the entire length.

1 - There is no simple solution and if your going to complain, listen and hopefully have a realistic solution.

2 - I was there because parts of the policies and the way they were done is not in line with what I learned to be law.

3 - Unlike some of the nasty comments I heard I don't not hate OUR President and I was appalled that someone could say "He's not mine". The results are in and if you don't like it go through the right channels and abide by the law.

4 - The people with signs that weren't related to what I thought the message was comprehend worst than anyone.

5 - I disliked the lines that were drawn and believe that I phrased my opinion clearly when I printed:

Equal-Fair-Balance IS ACHIEVABLE

Most importantly I thank everyone on all sides for being there. This is America and we are free to have our opinions and voice them. With realistic ways we can have our people better protected and hopefully a generation equal to my parents who knew how to work and produce can get even stronger.

As always thanks for listening and if you are in the area your very welcome to my home which as required is now out of city limits.

Ben Cheseldine


Anonymous said...

Ben, I saw you there. You had a full week of reading about what a flake that girl is and that there was no clear agenda except anti Trump, open door un-vetted immigration, BLM, and lying that Trump is a rapist, yet you showed up anyway with your stupid sign thinking these half wits who still decided to go through with this "rally" after being handed their collective arses all week would be able to understand Equal, Fair, & Balance!

What a MORON!

I hope you learned something from this. Trump is all about equal, fair, and balance if you just open your eyes and ears and let him be OUR President.

Anonymous said...

Clearly Ben requires a very large safe space, stand for something or you'll fall for anything!

1- solution: dont break immigration laws and dont bare false witness{lie}

2- policies? law? wtf do you need to know about protecting americans from terrorist coming from these 7 countries? you get your news from the propaganda stations dont ya?

3- well at least your not totally in denial

4- another example of how shallow minds cant grasp the depth and outcomes from liars and law breakers

5- lines are drawn when opinions are formed from and into lies

equal-fair-balance?!?! wth? equal laws broken? fair lies? acceptable balance of lies and liars? wth? are you one of those dope smokin professors r what?

Anonymous said...

Equal-Fair-Balance? I totally agree!

Equal prosecutions and punishment for those that lied to these immigrant families telling them they can break the laws and they can vote without being legal citizens

Fair to charge and prosecute all those that lied to these lawbreakers,
to charge BLM for racial discrimination and terrorist acts

Balance these prosecutions on the backs of lawmakers and leo's that also have not been upholding the immigration laws

Put that in your pipe and smoke it Ben!

Anonymous said...

Look who the BLM model their entire organization after. They often chant her name during the riots. She is wanted for killing a le officer and is considered a terrorist and on FBI most wanted. I believe she fled to Cuba. Blm aren't modeled after Marten Luther king so to think they aren't anti white or anti cop is ridiculous.

Anonymous said...

Apparently u r the moron. Sounds like you dont like that he was not on your side. He sounds neutral and thats fine too. Grow up hater. Most of the people on here crying about how the president is being treated showed obama the same courtesy. Now there should be the bow down mode. Maybe you and others will learn that despite what u think or feel dont No president deserve such nasty backlash.

Anonymous said...

Quick to say Blm, i didnt see the kkk or all the other Neo Nazi groups polluting America. Lol. Stop using Blm as smoke screen to cover your own home bred hate groups

Anonymous said...

So. Who does the Kkk and antigovernment groups model after? Blm definitely less dangerous then these two

Anonymous said...

Good Grief....better news is only 4 days until TGIF!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

10:14, we're going by the signs in Molly's picture. Clearly there is a BLM sign and no KKK sign. There is also a sign with a lie about my President on it.

Stick to what the subject matter is.

Anonymous said...

"Most of the people on here crying about how the president is being treated showed obama the same courtesy"

10:12. You know you won't die if you tell the truth for once in your life. No one on here much less anyone nationwide went on violent and destructive rampages to protest obama.
How about trying to be honest for once. That's the problem with you people. You can't stop with that lying you all get to doing.

Anonymous said...

They keep on talking about the phantom KKK and the non existent neo Nazi groups. If these groups were around as they claim and so influential the MSM would be on them like flies on crap.

Anonymous said...

Don't you remember the KKK rioting like the BLM the last few years...Oh yes,me either

Anonymous said...

I'm just wondering why you're required to be out of the city limits? (Your last sentence)

Anonymous said...

Mr. Anonymous Said. Hey dopes, Put your name on it. Tom Sawyer here.
And that was Sir Benjamin Cheseldine to you. Ballsy bro. The man in middle gets hit by both sides of the illiterates. Hey check something out, He made Sense. Both left and right have screwed this country Up. And it started long before the Obamanation or the BushWacker. Really the only time this country makes sense is when Left and Right are with the middle and have guitars in our hands playing "Alexander". Oh, and I'm the right, Don (last name left out cause he's a little bigger than me) is left. Yall should try it sometime. And please be respectful. DON'T call my friend a Moron, unless your gonna put your name to it.

Joe I hope this isnt too hard and you let it go Through.

I am not Anonomous
I am Tom Sawyer

Ben in Wicomico County said...

Well I didn't expect a rumble but if you need to put me down that is fine I will listen but a have and will continue to work, I follow most laws(still drive to fast sometimes and jaywalk frequently) WE LEARNED FROM THE HORRID ACTS OF 911, continue to tighten up and keep working,
Nothing is easy not everyone will be happy but no one want to have lousy excuses for human being the situation is they come in more colors, genders and backgrounds than we like to admit,
Everyone is suppose to be screened and if it's not happening FIX IT that is what my and your taxes are suppose to do
Peace Love yeah fine but reality says you need to work for what you get
Thanks for the chance to shoot my mouth off and your allowed to disagree
I honestly feel everyone what the same thing and if your going to anyway sabotage you need to leave, go any where and never return

Anonymous said...

For those who know Ben, the attacks on him for saying essentially that if we talk together like human beings, we can solve problems is about as low as you can go.

No wonder this country is in deep doo-doo, to use Papa Bush's phrase. BOTH sides screaming at each other.

This country needs more Bens, people who TRY to listen to others and find a solution.