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Thursday, December 01, 2016

Rehearing ordered over illegal worker’s disability benefits

DOVER, Del. — A state panel erred in concluding that a woman who was injured on the job remained entitled to disability benefits because she is in the country illegally and has been unable to find other work, the Delaware Supreme Court said Tuesday.

A three-judge panel declared that a person’s status as a worker living in the country illegally is not relevant in determining whether she is presumed to be a “displaced worker.”

The justices reversed a Superior Court ruling that upheld the state Industrial Accident Board’s determination last year in favor of Magdalena Guardado. The Superior Court was ordered to remand the case to the IAB for a new hearing.



Anonymous said...

What part of illegal do they not understand!?
Their appearance in a courtroom should only have been for deportation hearings!

Anonymous said...

Whoever hired her should bear some or most of the costs.

Anonymous said...

The only way to stop this kind of stupidity is to fine people who employ illegals. If we need temporary workers then they should be issued temporary work permits. Nobody that is in the country illegaly should be given any kind of gov't benefits with the exception of emergency medical care then kick their butt out. Hopefully when Trump gets in office he will put a stop to this kind of madness.

Anonymous said...

And the madness continues! I distinctly recall having to fill in an I-9 complete with 2 forms of ID for everyone hired back in the 90's; if yu didn't have one in everyone's file, you were fined. WTH happened??!

Anonymous said...

It is factual that many born and raised here citizens that honestly need disability are turned down.
I recall years ago on WICO radio, Bill Phillips had a person from SS on Party-line every month or so to answer questions from callers.
There was a gentleman calling in that was hard to understand due to being so weak and winded. He called often, talking with the SS person and stated his fear of never receiving benefits before his death. I don't know the outcome, but the red tape was unbelievable.
Others called to advise they had friends receiving funds and were not disabled at all and could easily work for a living. sure hasn't changed much through the years.

Stu Stinchfield said...

I have a son who lives in Dallas Texas he is the manager of a large landscaping company I asked him one day if any of his employees were illegal aliens. He said they were all illegals but they have social security numbers and papers showing they are residents so he had no reason not to hire them. He said he didn't know where they get their papers but they all have them. I love my son and I know he is doing what he has to do to run that business but that kind of craziness has got to stop. There has to be a better way of verifying someone's eligibility to work here in the US and if that means paying more for laborers then as a society we will just have to suck it up. We have perfectly healthy people right here living off of the tax payers and that crap has to stop.