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Thursday, December 01, 2016

President Elect Trump Saves Carrier Plant

It has just been confirmed that Donald Trump has in fact closed the deal with Carrier, salvaging a minimum or 1,100 jobs and perhaps even more jobs created.

Mr. Trump also clearly stated that he will in fact keep his promise, if American companies leave the United States they will in fact be taxes very heavily if those businesses think they're going to bring their products back into the United States.

Mr Trump also confirmed, A WALL WILL BE BUILT at the Mexican border. So much for the LIES the MSM continues to spew. 

Finally, THANK YOU! No, not Mr. Trump. I'm Thanking our Viewers. I'm thanking the tens of thousands of people who trusted Salisbury News and our next President. Even before he takes office he's delivering on promises our current President said couldn't be done.

Donald Trump is already Making America Great Again. Oh, to you nay sayer Liberals, BITE ME!


Anonymous said...

This man is obviously giving his life for our country! Finally someone who is living up to what he promised! We needed a leader to make America great again and we have got one!

Anonymous said...

He is delivering and working on his promises already, how many previous presidents have done that? We know for sure Obama didn't, and Hillary promised a lot as Secretary of State but did not deliver as she states and promises she did. All I can say is give him a chance I think we will all be surprised by how this country can grow and go back to some of the old values of our forefathers.

Anonymous said...

Make America Great Again , MAGA. !!!!

Anonymous said...

Lots of very bad/ugly apples in Congress that need "Trumped". You can bet, those apples are scared too!!!!

Anonymous said...

He's not even president until January and already he has done more to save American jobs than Obama did in eight years.