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Sunday, November 20, 2016

Are You An Idiot?

Yesterday we all came out with a press release letting you know a local business was expanding and in three years they'll add up to 50 new jobs. WOW, what a load of crap!

While I am personally happy/excited about this business growing, I'm NOT an Idiot!

Let's start with Labinol. Weren't they supposed to have up to 1,000 employees after receiving a grant Jim Ireton and Babs helped them get from the state of Maryland and then they took the money, packed up and relocated to Texas. Let's cut the staff in half and say there were 500 jobs lost here. Now all of a sudden Jake Day, Bob Culver and Governor Hogan are pounding their chest for an ALLEGED 50 new positions here IN THREE YEARS. 

Let's also not forget that SWED, (Salisbury Wicomico Economic Development) is also pounding their chest, WHY? Because yet another rare business expansion FELL INTO THEIR LAP! 

I'm not an Idiot. You see, if SWED was bringing in new manufacturing jobs, that would be an achievement but Americans have become so stupid these days, they fall for this kind of press release as exciting, it's not. 

THINK! What the hell is Governor Hogan doing putting out this press release? Tell me Ladies & Gentlemen, when  is the last time a sitting Governor actually brought a new company to the Eastern Shore? We read how each Governor brings jobs/industry to Baltimore and Montgomery County but never to the Shore.

Didn't the Governor, County Executive and Mayor run their campaign on JOBS? Is this expansion what you accept as a delivery of a promise? If you said yes, you are in fact an Idiot. 

Our elected officials need to be held accountable for their campaign promises. We all believed that the people we elected were in fact the answer to our problems, jobs. 

They went FULL COURT PRESS on this press release and it's a JOKE. When the Economic Development Director brings forth a REAL press release that takes a major bite into the Labinol loss, then and only then will I be excited. In the mean time your elected officials continue to fail you here on the Eastern Shore. 

Finally, I'm in the news business and let me assure you, I never hear uplifting news or even discussions about the possibility of bringing future excitement towards job growth. As I stated yesterday, keep planting those trees Downtown and call it revitalization, Idiots. 


Anonymous said...

All this did is loan this company another $110,000 in tax money to compete with our other Cable Solutions company in Winterplace park who does the same manufacturing.

Have you seen the empty picture frame they hung in one of the trees on the downtown plaza? Real artsy fartsy, people are going in droves to go see it (not).

An empty picture; Salisbury.

Anonymous said...

Man ,Hogan got manufacturing jobs in the mountains of western maryland. Where they have less population than us. More fuel consumption due to hills and mountains. And alot of sites can't even have ground broken. He's a flipping joke. I'll not give him my vote next run.

Anonymous said...

It boils down to dishonesty, and if their willing to be dishonest about such obvious and small things like this...what are they doing with important things?

Anonymous said...

I lost a source of living from a tenant that moved to the Texas location. I'm not a slumlord with units, just depending on a little to keep me above water by renting a room.

On another blog, it mentions Burger King moving from one corner to another. Will that bring in one hundred jobs or one part-time job? They could shut it down for all I care.

JoeAlbero said...

We spend millions expanding the airport, for what?

Millions spent revitalizing Downtown, for what?

The City adds free WiFi Downtown, for what?

I could go on and on but the key point is, why do elected officials continue to put the cart before the horse.

Jake Day recently said there are people out there like me who say there are bad things that happen in Salisbury and he admitted, I am right. He went on to say, however, I'm the kind of person who never offers solutions. That's a LIE.

Jake Day has very selective memory. Jake Day runs from people like Joe Albero because my solutions are real. I'm not an actor standing in front of a liberal crowd blowing smoke up their butts. I'm a realist with real solutions. However, guess what, IT TAKES HARD WORK to make it happen and liberals have NO business experience. Let me give you a perfect example.

When I ran for Mayor I expressed how I would grow the Downtown Plaza area. Ireton ran with my idea, (for the most part) but I knew it would not succeed. Why, because Ireton and his staff know nothing about MANAGING the vision I had for Downtown. Here it is years later and many businesses are barely surviving there. CLOSE DOWN THAT PLAZA on Friday and Saturday nights. Oh never mind, Jake won't listen anyway.

Liberals are afraid to PUBLICLY invite conservatives like me to meetings where he puts us down and acts like what he is doing is working. Talk to ANY conservative business person in Salisbury and they will tell you the whole revitalization plan is a joke.

You can start by going to businesses Downtown during the daytime hours and attempt to open their front door, they're LOCKED. Yeah, I'm the Anti Christ for exposing these facts, I'm the bad guy. No, I'm a realist who tells the TRUTH.

Stop being Idiots. The next time the City/County wants to spend millions on new projects, simply ask, where's the business to sustain such investments. Then when they tell you there'll be retail and housing, (for example) on the old parking lots, ASK how much of it will be AFFORDABLE HOUSING. I say this because it WILL happen and the rest of the media will NOT cover the facts.

Anonymous said...

this is sop for how smallsbury has been run for the last 30 years.
what's new?
every town that has a water front could develops it like the trench in san antonio, shops restaurants boutiques etc.
not here. idiots!

Anonymous said...

Looks like we might just have to wait for our new President to bring back the jobs we lost to mexico after Clinton signed NAFTA.

Anonymous said...

The taxes required for all these handouts will make it impossible for any business to locate to Salisbury. If Labinal broke an agreement with the city they should be responsible for every cent they owe.
I worked at an apartment complex that housed a lot of Labinal employees and I can assure you for a military hardware manufacturer, the pay at Labinal is miserably low. I couldn't believe that a "security clearance" job was barely above minimum wage. They also hired a lot of foreigners. Probably because an American kid could make more money waiting tables at Denny's.

Anonymous said...

Liberals only know how to use government money to grow jobs which is an oxymoron because you cannot buy jobs and your growing the government. It's the same in Somerset, the EDC takes all this credit when companies get $million dollar grants to open their doors. It's the EDC's job to get company's here, that are compatible without "buying" jobs. And industrializing rural neighborhoods (solar & wind) lowers property values and quality of life while shrinking crop farming and the local economy is not a solution. We are experiencing BIG increases in our utility bills, because the Eastern Shore is the sacrifice for solar development and someone has to pay to ship the energy to Baltimore and NJ.

Anonymous said...

Free wifi for da thugs.

Anonymous said...

Joe,your like the Trump of Salisbury and your solutions are real but democrats control everything around here and that is why it will stay da bury.

Anonymous said...

Joe, You belong on Trumps cabinet! Good luck!

Anonymous said...

One more time, If only the mayoral election had not been rigged when Joe was running, things in Salisbury would be so much better. Jake Day is nothing but more of Barry T. and that last idiot that was Mayor.

Anonymous said...

Anyone who thinks these guys are going to hire 50 people are crazy. They found a way to get free taxpayer money and jumped all over it. That's what they do! If they want to expand, let them do what every other company has to do, spend their own money!!

lmclain said...

Quit giving away OUR money to companies and corporations (WalMart was given a 10 year property tax waiver to come here, from what I've been told) who then open businesses that 7:02 correctly points out only pay $8-9 an hour, offer mostly P/T jobs, and little to no benefits.
WalMart (family is worth almost 200 BILLION!!) needs a TAX BREAK??
Start putting some BUSINESS people in charge of economic development, not some cross dressing sissy with a college degree in "marketing" or "arts and crafts" who never had a job except the one the government gave them. They couldn't run a Kool-Aid stand without losing money.
Quit worrying about diversity and emphasize PERFORMANCE. Reward RESULTS, not how good you made someone feel about themselves. THAT ain't your job.
Did I mention quit giving our hard earned dollars to people who are already rich. And while I'm at it, quit giving away OUR MONEY to people who never work, never WANT to work, and spend their entire life waiting for a check FROM "we, the poeple", and can't wait to get on the list for occuppying the next "artist's community" (paid for by you-know-who). WHO is leading this County? Mickey Mouse and George Soros?
Keep cheering.

Anonymous said...

Did Bob Culver even attempt to talk to Governor Hogan about getting that new FBI building to come to Wicomico County? NO!! Butt, Butt, Butt I thought Bobbie and Larry were TIGHT!!

Sorry, but Bob Culver only does the easy work and that is why he is a one time County Executive.

The only way Bob Culver will keep that position if he goes ahead and switches parties. Might as well because he is a liberal anyway.

JoeAlbero said...

8:35, I disagree. I highly doubt the FBI would ever consider relocating to the Shore. They need to be around the DC area.

Anonymous said...

As previously discussed, I still like the out of the box idea of bringing the FBI (or any Fed Gov't agency) to the Eastern Shore.

OPM's retirement processing "plant" (inside a mountain) for ALL Fed Employees' retirement submissions is/has been in Boyers PA for decades.

You might ask where the hell is Boyers PA?? Besides the absolutel middle of no where, its roughly 60 miles north of Pittsburgh.

Why not the Eastern Shore for a Federal Agency?
Why not the Salisbury area?

Anonymous said...

7:35 😭😭😭😭

Anonymous said...

Alcohol and Ice Hockey at the Civic Center are going to save Wicomico County.

Anonymous said...

Lets get serious, downtown revitalization has been going on for at least thirty years and what has changed. The answer is only more crime. No one with any common sense would walk in Salisbury by themselves at night anywhere. Wicomico county is as big a joke as the City of Salisbury. Just about no hope and no job creation, yet many in upper govt mgt making big bucks moving papers around on their desks. The depts in the county are filled with intoxicated individuals from the top down. Alcohol at the civic center will only allow for more alcohol abuse not only from patrons but also from county employees working there when no one is looking.

Anonymous said...

News flash, Wal Mart has still NOT installed parking meters. Neither has Home Depot, Lowes. Kmart, the Mall, Cambridge, Easton, Berlin, or any other viable downtown.

But, I'm sure that has nothing to do with Salisbury!

I hate parking there...