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Tuesday, October 25, 2016


While it may be hard for diehard Democrats to swallow, it is the truth. In a recent World Leaders Poll, 77% of the countries polled wanted Donald Trump to win the presidency. Conversely, Clinton's only votes came Middle Eastern countries where she's made many 'bargains' to continue aid and arms while profiting from those deals through the Clinton Foundation.

The leaders voting for Trump know, especially with her campaign rhetoric (i.e. blaming Russia when no intelligence agency has ever said they were responsible), we will have World War III started by her administration within a very short time. None of these leaders promote this action because the repercussions would be catastrophic to the entire world - not just America.

Furthermore, to most leaders (and their cultures) view Hillary Clinton's history in public service as her being a traitor to her country even when they benefited. Her actions to date, in most countries, not only carries heavy jail terms but also punishment by death.

It is time for people to wake up because the facts are indisputable at this point!

In a recent interview with CNN, Vladimir Putin stated the following, which given the above poll, falls in line with over three quarters of the world leaders:


Anonymous said...

The world prospers when America prospers and vice versa. We need our president to work with others not divide the world like she's divided this country.

Anonymous said...

It's not the only reason to vote for Trump but it is a contributing factor. This also explains China's behavior towards Obama during the G20 summit. Do they see him as a traitor, too? He's done nothing but demoralize Americans every time he does a tour.

Anonymous said...

America particularly prospers when war is declared. Is this her plan?

Anonymous said...

America hasn't prospered over the last excursions. Far from it. Profitable war was last seen in 1940s. For the slow trackers, that's the Second World War. All others have been big losers both in human costs and monetary.

Anonymous said...

Putin stated it as clearly as anyone could.