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Tuesday, October 25, 2016

Latest presidential poll shows Donald Trump beating Hillary Clinton in head-to-head contest, Trump taking 70% of the electoral votes

The latest 2016 presidential poll has Donald Trump destroying Hitlery Clinton in a head-to-head matchup, 375 electoral votes to Hitlery’s 163. That is an astonishing 70% to 30%, and is very good news if you are a Donald Trump supporter…. and I am!

From Dmitri Voltova,

Based on an average of the RCP (Real Clear Politics) polling data from all the states and all the “head to head” matchups between Donald Trump (by far the winner of the GOP) and Hillary Clinton (The winner of the Democratic Party) shows bad news for the Democrats.

Clinton is losing handily in all the swing states, and is even losing Democrat strongholds of Maryland, Connecticut, and Oregon.



Anonymous said...

This doesn't mean that we can stay home on election day!!

Unknown said...

She should also lose her head, literally.

Anonymous said...

why isn't this showing up anywhere else???

Anonymous said...

Because it's simply a click bait article, notice there is no info in the article.

Anonymous said...

Cheap Trick to get us to stay home on election day! Take it in stride, folks!

Anonymous said...

Hillary belongs in prison.