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Tuesday, October 25, 2016

Md. woman chooses sleeping outside with pets over homeless shelter

WASHINGTON (WUSA9) - Allyn Sweet lost her Mount Airy home in June 2016, but she was more concerned about what would happen to her six pets.

With a lack of pet-friendly homeless shelters and the costly prices of pet-friendly hotels, Sweet decided to sleep outside with her animals.

“The shelter system is set up for people with families," said Sweet, "not people with pets.

She spent the summer camping in a tent and with the help of an acquaintance has taken shelter in a hotel through the end of the month.

But colder weather is coming and she is hoping to find something a little more permanent.



Anonymous said...

I cried reading this because I am right behind her.

Anonymous said...

Yes I am too 654..I didn't evacuate during sandy because I won't leave my dogs. And if I did I would sit in my SUV in the parking lot I wish there was some way to help people who lose thier homes not lose thier pets.It would kill me to give my pet's away.

Anonymous said...

vacation campers do not make good winter shelters. Most of them have not been insulated for such conditions and she probably could not keep up with the heating bill in a rough winter. I suggest she seek help from Habitat for Humanity as soon as possible. Contact a church for a short term solution. Also, you cannot park a camper anywhere you want.

Anonymous said...

And every day our government sends money here, there and everywhere outside of the United States when they should be helping out folks like this lady.