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Sunday, October 16, 2016

Millennials: IQ v. Common Sense

By Thornton Crowe

A lot of millennials walk on college campuses every year, enrolling for the next chapter of their lives. They have accomplished getting a high school diploma and now they're ready to take on the academic world. Question is, are they?

There's a huge difference between IQ and Common Sense. In fact, the chasm is vast between the two. However, many in college, learn theorems as opposed to common sense about life and ability to connect those theories to real life. Is college doing the millennials a disservice? Absolutely.

Remembering my own college days, I had already been in the working world for a couple years before going back to finish up my degree, so when my Econ 101 professor said socialism and communism were brilliant, I knew better. The key here was, I had worked in the 'real' world at a 'real' job and understood those theories didn't mesh with reality nor were they what America was founded on... Common Sense gained through Experience.

The problem with millennials today is they take their professors' word at face value - some even see their professors as mentors, oracles of truth. Yet, once in the real world, people with Common Sense, quickly see the professor is insulated in the ivory tower of academia, so they're afforded the luxury of frivolous thinking because their paychecks come from people paying tuitions to hear their flowery thoughts. Many professors did the Bachelors, Masters and PhD work back to back without any real world experience. If they have real world experience, they don't usually discuss it in the classrooms. Their paychecks don't come from building anything or employing people - they come from the employed or soon-to-be employed with massive debt. There is a huge difference.

No one bothers to actually talk to students to ascertain what they've learned from their professors. The administrators depend on teacher evaluations to ascertain what a professor is doing right or wrong but they seldom do anything about the latter. Instead, subpar professors continue and even gain tenure in many cases, which guarantees them jobs for life as long as they stay within their institution's 'rules.'

In reality, teaching evals are usually based on if the professor enforced rules and gave out easy assignments. The more pliable the teacher, the more favorable the evaluation. Meaning, if they didn't dole out homework and expected little from the student, chances are, they get great marks from them. Hint, some professors get good marks if students find them 'physically' attractive. If you don't believe me, go to Rate My Professor and you'll see proof. Those with Hot Peppers (cute factor) seem to have much higher marks than those without. (Common Sense)

Who pays for such a flawed post-high school educational system? We all do. How? Because these millennials graduate with degrees and go out into the real world with all these crazy ideas. They also vote without any semblance of connecting dots.

Yes, voting again... but as I watched a segment on Fox this morning, some millennials interviewed saw Hillary Clinton as a role model. A role model for what? A criminal? Crime pays? Quid pro quo is grand? You don't have to build anything or create anything and it's cool to be corrupt? How are any of these qualities role modeling behaviors? They're destructive. People with Common Sense see this as a no-brainer.

A wise man once said any time fascism permeates a society, the intelligentsia is the first to be terminated. This actually happened with the Third Reich. People not schooled in fact never learn this because after all, that would mean liberal academia preaches for its own demise.

Does academia have a responsibility to help students develop Common Sense?

How say you.


Anonymous said...

Academics wouldn’t recognize comom sense if it was staring them in the face. These institutions are inundated with highly educated liberals that have never met common sense.

Anonymous said...

I have been saying for years that some of the dumbest people I know have college degrees. This article really hit home.

Anonymous said...

The millennials don't have a clue. They are in their own idealogical world. All you have to do is watch these reporters on the streets ask them simple questions and they have no clue what he is talking about. But to not appear uninformed they answer anyway with something so stupid you have to wonder how they exist in the world. Oh yeah they live off of their parents mostly. No jobs, no worries, no cares, no money. Just a head full of garbage and a piece of papers called a degree and they think the world owes them something. I am retired and used to work in a retail store. The owner of the store hired a college graduate from Salisbury University. She had a great resume. But she couldn't take ten per cent of ten dollars without a calculator. I just graduated high school, no college and she thought I was smart because I could do the math in my head faster than she could with a calculator. Sad but true. And it is scary to think these ae the future of our world.

Anonymous said...

We don't need more thinkers,we need more doer's.

Anonymous said...

Just because you can pass a test..write prose or do mathematical equations. .does not mean you are smart..intelligence should be based on all over common sense and book smarts..just to echo another poster ..there are a lot of people with bs,mba's, ect.. that can't reason out common every day problems rationally..sad but true these people run institutions and teach children nonsense theory and life skills...most of them have extremely messed up relationships and or mental health disorders from not being able to deal with real life problems..know a few like that..millenials are so deluded by thier lack of people and life skills that they are the sheep of America now.

Anonymous said...

I know of several college students that are working toward their degrees in various fields. However these same students, when I ask them what they wish to accomplish with their lives and education every one of them say they will graduate college and start earning between $60-$70K a year. It was then that I almost cried because none of them had the slightest concept of what it is going to take to get those earnings. The thought of explaining to them that there will be a lot of failures, some successes but all will come at a cost and you have to start at the bottom (when you never had a job) and work your way up using your intelligence and COMMON SENSE. There in is the problem!

Anonymous said...

I agree with your observations.
I suggest to you that what happened was not organic.
It was caused to happen. It was a planned management of academia by the elite.
A small group of families have control of academia and media.

Thank you

Anonymous said...

I once had a supervisor that put people down for not having that "piece of paper" to hang on the wall called a degree. Well I got into a discussion with this supervisor and told her that I would much rather have someone with common sense than someone with a degree any day of the week. I was one of those without the degree and she didn't much like me because of it but I believe when someone starts at the bottom and works themselves up to a supervisory position they are a much better employee than someone who waltzes out of college with a degree in their hand and no work experience. Was also in the position at one point where a supervisor was hired and I was asked to train the supervisor to do his job. I don't think so. If he got hired over me because of a piece of paper, then he better know what he's doing and not expect me to show him. Someone with common sense has it all over those with none.

Anonymous said...

Most get off that stage at graduation with delusions of grandeur that quickly rips away when they're living in their parents' basement for three-four years after the diploma arrives in the mail. Like Clinton said, they refuse to go be a barista. After all, that's why they got that $160,000 debt for.... right?