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Sunday, October 16, 2016

A Letter to America From Thornton

Dear My Fellow Americans --

When I woke up this morning, it hit me that our world is about to change for better or for worse with this next Election Day coming at us like a freight train. It seemed like just yesterday, Donald Trump announced his presidency, and like many Americans, I’ve been glued to the television and social media, waiting to see how everything would sort out. This morning another thing occurred to me, which I wish to impart on my fellow Americans.

Our country was founded by a rag tag bunch of dissents whom dared to challenge the King of England. Oh, back in their day, those disenchanted rebels were called everything under the sun by their fellow colonists. See, with history revised, most don’t even know the Revolutionary Patriots who started this country, didn’t have an easy sell to their fellow citizens. Sure, everyone was jacked up about the exorbitant tea tax from King George but all felt it was just the way it is… Sound familiar?!

While most believe 1776 was the huge watershed moment, it actually happened a couple years before, but everyone was busy naysaying those crazy kids like Jefferson, Washington and that loud mouth Paul Revere. Even Benjamin Franklin resisted leaving the Crown to stake out some new deal a la 1776. It was not a popular proposition because everyone was happy with the import/export dealings. Why fix it if it ain’t broken? No one believed they would actually defeat England.

I mean, after all, the Royal Army, rich in gold and warfare, was far more prepared to smear those poor colonists all over Hell’s half acre. What did they have? A lot of beer and make shift weapons. Those kids didn’t go to Gold’s Gym every week… far from it. They were eating fatty foods, out of shape and drunk due to lack of clean drinking water. Not the epitome of health by any measure.

Well, we all know how that whole thing worked out and that incubus of rebel raising roughies ended up creating a magnificent country that we’ve had many joys, sadness and checkered histories. All families kind of molding into one big taco with a liberty on the side to be added to at a later date.

Fast forward through the Industrial Age and speeding towards today, we got too hung up buying our Model Ts, radios, television, and Smartphones, we forgot to keep our eye on the people we should’ve been governing all along. Whose that you ask? Washington, DC.

Yeah, those crazy 18th Century kids warned us about those guys we put in DC. They knew from studying Rome, Europe, Southeast Asia — how power can corrupt and warp even the purest intents. Thomas Paine left us Common Sense, Jefferson left us volumes of tales and cautionary quotes to guide us, but along the way, we forgot a lot or possibly never learned about those dead white guys, and took our eyes off the honey pots – aka our futures.

Now here we are. At the brink of the abyss. We have Democrats trying to shove Socialism down our throats even though they know darn gone well it doesn’t work. We have globalist shoving globalism down our throats because if we do that, they become richer than our imaginations. We have the GOPe selling out their own candidate – the one we chose to run for president – thus, shredding the Constitution without even so much of a death rattle. We’re just surrounded by naysayers and harbingers screaming it will never change and Trump has no chance.

It’s a sad state actually, and one I personally never thought I’d ever see. But here we are…

Listen, at no point in our history has an election been so pivotal and important to the direction of our country. Yeah, yeah, I know we say that with every election but here we’re at a critical mass that has no be-back. There’s no walking back what happens after November 8th. There’s no rewind and play it again — it’s the end of our worlds in one sense or another. Scary stuff for people who appear sleeping. Maybe they appear that way because they don’t want to face the ugly truth.

What’s going on now is really our own fault. We let DC criminals run amok unfettered for far too long, and they’ve taken full advantage of our obsession on the next shiny object. They have lied, stolen, cheated and broken our rule of law to the point where one wonders if we have any laws at all. These days, the popular rich kids get passes on repeated offenses while the 'masses' are told to suck it up – its the law, deal with it.

We need to reflect. We need to inform ourselves. We need to wake up and move our country back towards Nationalism because the other road is a dead end, ending up with nothing but more garbage like what we’ve seen since Reagan.

Granted, Trump is no Reagan, but he’s also not a corrupt criminal either. He hasn’t been playing kickball on Capitol Hill forever, and frankly, I think that’s a good thing. We accept Biden’s gaff a minutes, even Trump knows more restraint – yet, many love to vilify him like he was Satan incarnate. The very people doing this – aka the hoaxing media – are people whom bank on the First Amendment to free speech. Should Clinton win, will they have it anymore? Guess it all depends on if you ask the public Hillary or the private one.

People need to really examine and go with their guts. My guess is, most of my fellow Americans know deep down inside that criminals need to get out of DC and not continue to be voted in year after year. I am deeply concerned that some vote blindly without any thought as to theirs or their children's future. This is not an election about parties - this an election of futures - two very different futures for America.

Isn’t it time for us to change course and preserve everything that rag tag team died for 240 years ago? If we do, we have much to put back together, but I, unlike many I’ve talked to, know we can do it.

Why? Because regardless of race, creed, sex, sexual orientation or color… we are first and foremost, Americans. And after all, isn’t what those crazy 18th Century kids were all about in the first place?

Regards with hope,
— Thornton


Anonymous said...

Our way of life has been under attack since its birth. Corruption & greed, part of human nature, takes over like a cancer. It must be removed or we are doomed. I feel Trump is the start. The teaparty had the right idea also. But as we see. It was sucked into the evil realm and became powerless.

Anonymous said...

It's imperative, we must elect Donald Trump or we all become subjects of Hillary no longer will we have the freedom we have today.

Anonymous said...

Spoken so true
Wake up people
Think for yourself not by what the government tells you

Anonymous said...

The tree of liberty must be refreshed from time to time with the blood of patriots and tyrants. It is its natural manure,” Jefferson wrote in a letter to William S. Smith, a diplomatic official in London, on November 13, 1787.Oct 17, 2009

Anonymous said...

What's behind door number three or any other door ? I do believe that whoever wins that the crap will hit the fan . We must hold tight to our beliefs and rights. Obama has done his best to corrupt the young and brainwash the rest. I also believe we are in for some change like any other country that has gone to hell and socialist rule. We must stand up and fight for what is right , I do mean fight to save our constitution and our republic.

shavoxjohn said...

On November 8th., when you are before the voting machine, you'll have to decide between: truthfulness or disingenuousness; righteousness or evil; light or darkness; humility or haughtiness; decisiveness or indecisiveness; courage or cowardice; honesty or dishonesty, selflessness or selfishness; Columbia or globalism. For me, I believe the choices are easy, i.e. the former, not the latter.

Anonymous said...

I agree 10:05. The choice is easy.

Anonymous said...

Two well thought postings this AM Thornton. I agree with every word. I wish I had the talent to connect my words/sentences as well as you. I look forward to Sunday Mornings to read your common sense writings. My prayers will be to see your column when TRUMP WINS.

Anonymous said...

It is our election to lose. My greatest fear, is that many people that go to vote will vote for someone other than Donald Trump or Evil Hilliary, yes there are other candidates for President. Some will think that it is funny to vote for anyone other than Trump or Clinton. If you do that you are voting for Clinton, because we the People know that if you don't vote for Trump this country will start to crumble on Nov. 9th. This my honest opinion.

Anonymous said...

1214 maybe you should stop fearing and put positive thoughts into Trump winning. Fearing never yields anything more than more fear. So, why waste your energy in negativity?

Anonymous said...

Not funny at all. A wasted vote is sad and pathetic.

Anonymous said...

742 believe me, there is NOTHING funny about this whole election.

Anonymous said...

Domestic terrorists are trying to intimidate Trump voters but it's not going to work. With every incident like NC and CA only empowers people to take the Democrats OUT of power.