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Sunday, October 16, 2016

Day 9: Another Day, Another Trove of Treasures

New Podesta Emails released this morning on Wikileaks! Here's a beauty! Seem like we thought it was only Republicans that disagreed with their candidates but Democrats do, too. At least, theirs is quieter than the RNC's NWO pups like Ryan, Jeb and Johnny K.

Just reading these emails brings serious doubts, as if it were at all possible, about the Democrats ability to manage a hot dog stand much less the country. No wonder we're so screwed up right now! It's no wonder, indeed.

Dare to be informed.

To read more here's the LINK!


Paladin said...

Apparently (from a previous post denoting this) there will be a massive document dump Nov 1 regarding the 33k emails that were treated to a bleach bit party - should that actually occur, it could very well sink HRC as well as POUTS - will be interesting to see what occurs

Anonymous said...

I question the motivation of those who would vote based on gender. Would it not be more reasonable to groom a female candidate who is not weighted down by the terrible baggage that is Hillary's? Frankly, as a man, I would totally support a woman who has the qualifications, but I cannot support Hillary because she brings the entire Clinton machine with her, a machine cloaked in secrecy, rife with lies and contradictions, and with an aim toward empire building.

Anonymous said...

Thank GOD for Wikileaks! God protect Julian Assange. He's got to be a target as Breitbart was. We are being educated, but the MSM is NOT releasing this incriminating evidence because they work for the Establishment. Do I sound like a hippie from the Sixties????

Amazing how the Political Machine is only in it for your own money?

Anonymous said...

More leaks show newsmax CEO is in cahoots with Podesta. Even conservative media is in tank. You're best to tune them all out. Also Frank Luntz said this mornin that people should ignore the media polls because they're badly tainted.