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Sunday, October 02, 2016

How Worms Turn...

By Thornton Crowe

Well, it seems that my buddies at Breitbart have uncovered some starting revelations since I penned my musing this morning. I'm glad to see them posted below...

Low and behold, the New York Times has not paid taxes either. Where is all the upset? Where's the upheaval?  Yes, the nefarious article has now proven the old adage, before casting stones, thou shan't live in glass houses.

Furthermore, what they did was absolutely illegal.

It doesn't matter if Donald Trump is a 'public' figure or running for the White House, fact is, good journalists know you don't publish personal financial information without permission from your subject. This is done through a fact-checker whose sole responsible for getting such clearance and checking facts before print.

Apparently, Baquet's fact-checker was at Starbuck's because they didn't bother to do the most rudimentary unspoken protocol everyone knows needs to be adhered to should one want to remain in the journalism biz.

So now, what to do? Trump has a perfect avenue to sue the NYT in a most provocative way. Will he do it? Unlike NYT, I'm wait for confirmation from his campaign for that story even though rumblings have been surfacing since the story ran yesterday.

Today's events should wake Americans up to the subterfuge of the Liberal biased media posing as serious journalists. There's no glory in a tell-all when mud and guts are slung on it.

It's clear that all NYT's could'ves may just cost them serious coin, not to mention the Editor going to 'prison' as he grandly stated he was more than willing to do for such a juicy tidbit. (Many journalists heard a reward was even offered for the tax returns much like an FBI Wanted poster at the post office!)
"Dean Baquet, the top editor at the New York Times, said he’d publish a story on Donald Trump’s taxes even if it means risking jail time,” CNN Money’s Chris Isidore. (Breitbart)
Bad journalism makes for bad sources for voters to get information - especially when the source is so obviously slanted towards one side verses another. Time to discern fact from fiction and inform yourselves. It's your civic duty!

How say you now?


Anonymous said...

Why is it illegal? I am not debating you when I say this and I know better than to believe the MSM but they said this morning, that their lawyer said it was not illegal

Can you tell me why it is an illegal action?


Thornton Crowe said...

Definition within: from earlier today

Breitbart Article: also from earlier today.

Thornton Crowe said...

Another article not here but on Crowenation: Is the Media Committing a Crime Against American Voters

Definition also contained within that article, too.

Anonymous said...

I respectfully believe it goes much further than "liberal biased media".
The problems originate with those who have control of that very media.
The owners of the stocks.
Who owns these media companies?
Who funds these elections?
Who funds the protests? (George Soros)

There is a massive conspiracy against the public.
The government no longer looks after the people.
We are living under the jack boot of an Oligarchy.

Anonymous said...

9:48 is correct. Just look around people! We are spiraling downward everyday as most Americans go about ignorant of what the liberal socialists are doing to dismantle our Constitution and end our democratic free republic once and for all. It's been brewing for many years.

Anonymous said...

You know I don't care what Trump said to a woman twenty years ago when she was in a beauty contest. I also don't care if he paid taxes for twenty years. Trump is not a politician and up to about a year ago he was an average citizen like the rest of us only richer. He was a citizen that did not like what he saw going on in our government like a lot of the rest of us. Only thing is he decided to try and do something about it. That is why he beat out fourteen other candidates. And that is why what he says makes sense to average Joe Citizen. But I do care that crooked Hillary hasn't done anything in thirty years in politics except steal money for the Clinton Foundation, kill American Ambassadors, surrounded by security with guns but want to take our guns, kill babies in late term abortions. And the list goes on. That is why Trump is going to beat her in a landslide. Because they rig the polls to discourage conservatives from voting. TRUMP for President, Hillary for Prison.

Anonymous said...

Yes, I would like to know who "owns" the NY Slimes!