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Sunday, September 11, 2016


By Thornton Crowe

Update: Another video for you to review.

All is not as it seems... but now it's unwinding faster than you can say corruption!

FBI Director James Comey has been in the spotlight since his nonsensical call for no criminal charges to be filed against Democrat presidential nominee, Hillary Clinton on July 5th. With the last dump of information done on the Friday before Labor Day weekend, public scrutiny has been more present and caused Congress to, once again, call him to testify in front of them as early as next week.

In an inter-office memorandum last week, Comey weakly doubled down on his refusal to recommend charges as well as defended his information dump on the Friday before a long weekend - a method used by government in the hopes it will outrun the news cycle and people won't pay attention or forget about it by the following Tuesday.

However, many of his contemporaries and fellow department agents are less than impressed. There's many indications the FBI is currently engaged in a bitter battle between agents who know the truth verses Comey's desperate cover-up for Hillary Clinton and her multiple crimes.  Furthermore, his provocative stance has validated many Americans whom have long suspected that there are two legal systems - one for the connected and one for everyone else.

Now many FBI agents are anonymously leaking information as per an insider because they know she will only continue to deal in the corruption we've seen from her as First Lady, Senator and then Secretary of State. Over thirty percent of the agent force has already said they will quit should she become elected; however, vow they will continue leaking information to the public regardless of Comey's gag orders and disclosures.

Even though he has stated his decision was nonpartisan in many forums, it seems this last week, everything fell apart and now we know, we've all been privy to a colossal con job.

News outlets like Breitbart and others have now exposed the lengthy picture of James Comey and his close connections to the Clintons, which spans over decades. His intertwined past with them is so steep that legally he should have recused himself from any investigation involving any Clinton. He, like Attorney General Loretta Lynch, have proven to be almost as corrupt and definitely willing to lie to the American public without conscience.

Here are some of the facts outlined in Breitbart and other sources.

Even though Mr. Comey has been a US Attorney with the Department of Justice, he has also held some interesting positions that have tangled him into the Clintons' web along with their crime syndicate also called a 'charitable organization.'

Quickly after his departure from the DOJ, he went to work with Lockheed Martin as a Senior Vice President and Chief Counsel where he was paid over $6 Million dollars as compensation for his work. Shortly after his arrival, Lockheed became one of the Clinton Foundation's donors - and no small change at that...

After Lockheed, he moved on to Swiss owned bank HSBC - also notorious for having been granted favor from a Secretary of State Clinton when she exonerated them of any wrong doing in a $1.9 Billion money-laundering scheme with Mexican Drug Cartel Money. They also sit on the board of the Clinton Foundation. Interestingly, Comey was a high up executive with this bank while all these nefarious dealings with Clinton's State Department were in progress.

His brother, Peter Comey, has also been caught up in many questionable situations as the owner of a construction company whose benefited from many Sweetheart government contracts. Both brothers, as it seems, have been making bank and, like many deals, don't really produce too many results for the taxpayers paying for them.

In 2013, even though he had three more years left on his commitment to HSBC, he was appointed to his current position by Barack Obama. Interesting that many believed Obama's proffering of Comey was a way to insure transparency; however, neither House was apprised of Comey's past dealings in shady places.

On the contrary, like the rest of America, Comey was seen as the upstanding legal eagle who was dedicated to our system of jurisprudence. Starting with his prosecution of Martha Stewart, he had set a public record of being vigilant regardless of a person's socioeconomic standing. However, with the Clintons, he has a long history of letting them get away with murder. From Whitewater forward, James Comey has given Hillary and Bill Clinton so many passes, it's not blatantly obvious he is in the tank so to speak.

Currently, more than 97% of Americans believe Comey should be removed from the FBI due to his bias and clearly corrupted favoritism - demonstrative of the fact that not only has the FBI lost the trust of the American people, but he personally has been the one to destroy the agency's long-standing reputation. As it would seem, Comey has not only lost the faith of the people, but his own agency questions his ethics and, as stated above, are now doing something about it!

Below is videos from our friends at Victurus Liberatus to explain some of the fodder going on in the FBI but you can also read the Breitbart article for even more clarification of the intertwined relationship between Comey and the Clinton Foundation on Breitbart.

Also in Victurus's video he explains another situation that is considered fluid with more to be revealed over the next coming weeks. His sources have never been wrong, so it might be worth a listen!

Coming up these week, it is said two Wikileaks disclosures troves will occur shortly, one being on or around September 14th (this next Wednesday) as well as right before the Debate on the 26th.

 From this last week:

From two months ago:


Anonymous said...

Can any one say "RICO ACT PROSECUTION" for the clinton crime syndicate...

Anonymous said...

there is so much to be uncovered, discovered and all the inter workings of this evil, corrupt cartel, yes cartel. it's bigger than ever imagined and covers at least 4 presidents and many of their friends and connections. pray for Mr. Trumps safety. pray he gets in office and continues this investigation. America is in distress and this rot must be exposed.

Anonymous said...

Comey is trying to save his LIFE, not just his ass. What is the current body count on HILLIARY'S accusers?????

Anonymous said...

We must realize there are people behind the scenes of political life who pull the strings.
Even these puppeteers are not likely to be the true power in the world.
But power has been concentrated by the financial crimes of the past few decades.
The bankers are now fully in control of everything.
Comey is like the Clintons, Obama, and the Bushes. They all get their marching orders.
This huge system is no longer a democratic, much less republican form of government.
It is an oligarchy ruled through secrecy.

Anonymous said...

This is crap sorry 330 but the guy is dirty and corrupt. He's a goner and with every day that goes by more about his past connections with the Clintons becomes more apparent. He's an operative whose sole purpose was to make sure she doesn't go to jail which may end with him going to jail for her or with her. They can go handcuff and handcuff.

Anonymous said...

441 you may want to sit around and do nothing about this mess but many millions of Americans are being proactive. There's a lot more Trump people than you'd believe so Nov 8 will be a big shock for you. Corruption is going to come to a screeching halt in DC.