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Sunday, September 11, 2016

BOOM: Kaepernick’s Coach Just Gave Him HUMILIATING News

The quarterback from San Francisco 49ers, Colin Kaepernick, has received a lot of fallout over his continued refusal to stand for the national anthem at football games.

Many of his former fans have burned his jersey and he is loudly booed whenever he comes onto the field at a game. Now, The Associated Press has reported that Kaepernick will likely be sitting on the bench for the entire 2016 season as a backup quarterback.

While Kaepernick is still on the team, he will mostly be the starting quarterback’s backup during the season, meaning that he will spend a good part of his time sitting on the bench being ignored by everyone.



Anonymous said...

If you don't like this country, then leave................

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

He has a right to be an idiot and show it - and the fans have the right to hate him for it!

Anonymous said...

They need to reduce his pay as well but that will never happen. Someone needs to drop his butt off in Afghanistan for a few days if he doesn't respect his country, cause no lives matter over there.

Anonymous said...

He was also fined 11k for calling another player the N word last game.

Anonymous said...

I don't like the government of this country.
I have no intentions of leaving.
Thank you

Anonymous said...

Well, his protest WAS that he wanted to "sit" on the bench to make a political statement. Now he can do it during the whole game, and not just when the National Anthem is played. Only now, nobody will watch.

Anonymous said...

I'm staying because 1:20 said I take that

Anonymous said...

I may not like the government but I love my country. Big difference.

Anonymous said...

He doesn't hate America because of BLM he hates America because he converted to Islam and believes in Sharia law.

Anonymous said...

FNFL new logo I am watching college ball and will not spend a dime on the BLM league

Anonymous said...

So he gets to make 12 million this year for holding a clipboard and not getting hit? Sounds good to me

Anonymous said...

12:17 that logic can be applied to MLK when he stood against social injustice. Maybe he should have left the country instead of fixing the problem. And before you even try to make the association I am NOT comparing crapernick to MLK.

Anonymous said...

Then he is a TRATOR.

Anonymous said...

NOW the POS is benched

Anonymous said...

Country - definition?

Just a general definition. What is the difference (in your mind) between the Country and the Government?
If one hates the government, how does one live?
The government has a presence in every aspect of life.
It is totalitarian in nature. Oppressive.

Now then, what does it mean, that you love your Country?
So what? What about it?
Can you please elaborate?

Thank you

Anonymous said...

Sorry 12:46 he is under contract and his salary can't be reduced

Julie Nelms said...

I wrote a poem:

An open letter to Colin Kaepernick:


It is because of me that you don't stand, to honor your country, your own land.

It is because of me that you feel shame, anger, bitterness, and hate, because you feel that no one can relate.

But hey, Can't you see?

It is because of me that you feel the need to point and shout, scream and yell, as if I represent the very gates of hell.

It is because of me that your neighbors and teammates stood, while you did not, because you felt I was not good.

But hey, can't you see?

The problem is you, not me?

It is because of me that your country now has a song, grown from a poem written one terrifying night, so loud and long.

It is because of me that that men and women have fought and died to protect the freedoms that allow you to sit, and look idly by.

But hey, can't you see?

It is because of me that from the Baltimore Harbor to Pearl Harbor, your countrymen joined together, to defeat our enemies with grit and valor.

It is because of me that when blood is shed on the battlefield, it bleeds the same color as the soldier next to it, who refuses to yield.

But hey, can't you see?

It is because of me that in times of terror and threat your countrymen join together so that the enemy can be met.

It is because of me that in times of sorrow and unrest your countrymen turn to me and see if I am up to the test.

I will not stop in my duties to inspire, no matter how much you stomp me, rip me, or set me on fire.

But hey, can't you see? The problem is you, not me.

It is because of me that ALL of us come together to celebrate in July, to set off fireworks and chase fireflies.

It is because of me that you have decided to use me as your symbol of anger and hate, and show us all what is wrong with our United States.

But hey, can't you see?

In spite of my watch, racism breeds. It oozes, crawls and leaks into the nooks and crannies. It divides us, beats us, hurts us and kills us. And much like terrorism, wants to destroy us. It will never end until we all join together and start to mend.

But hey can't you see? You are part of the problem. So PLEASE stop and join me.

It is because of me, you sat, while a stadium full of men, women and children stood, UNITED, not sitting-divided. All nationalities, colors and creeds stood together to show a united need, that TOGETHER WE STAND- DIVIDED WE FALL.

It is me that is chosen to be rallied around when hope seems lost, down trodden, and unfound.

It is because of YOU that racism lives, grows stronger, and refuses to give. You have allowed it to single you out, feed upon you, and wander about. You have let it entangle you like a parasite, so we will NEVER be able to win this fight.

But hey, can't you see? The problem is YOU not me.

United We Stand- Divided we Fall.

"I am Flag."

Julie Nelms

Anonymous said...

Your comments on this post show you the hypocrisy of America . He has the right to do what his doing according to your Constitution. I don't think black people should honor the scars and stripe either . Their has been more Evil done to Black People under this flag than Slavery. Why don't you take a look at the third verse of the Star Spangled Banner and you will see the thinking
of the Racist White American.You are a RACE of DEVILS.

Anonymous said...

@8:50 and I bet you will still vote for Hillary! The democrats are who have enslaved your people for the last 30 years! But most blacks will still vote democrat because they believe all the racial crap that's spewed to them by our government!

He may have the right to sit but he also has a responsibility to DO something about it! He is being paid millions of dollars. Don't sit on your something!! Use all that money that this country blessed you with and do something instead of trying to get attention for yourself! I tell you what...he can have my "white privilege" and I will take his "oppressed" 12 million any day of the week!Put your money where your mouth is!

Anonymous said...

Anonymous Anonymous said...
He doesn't hate America because of BLM he hates America because he converted to Islam and believes in Sharia law.

September 6, 2016 at 3:04 PM

Who do you think he donating his 'first million' to? BLM