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Wednesday, September 14, 2016

DHS Secretary 'Just Recently Asked' Officials to 'Focus on Immigrants Coming Illegally From Other Hemispheres'

( - Homeland Security Secretary Jeh Johnson says he "just recently" asked the Border Patrol "to focus" on illegal immigrants coming from "other hemispheres," including the Middle East.

"In terms of the Southwest border, I just recently asked for them to focus on immigrants coming illegally from other hemispheres, from the Middle East and so forth, to detect them and block them before they even get to the homeland, working with governments in South America, Central America to prevent that from happening," Johnson told "Fox News Sunday."

"You're correct that we're seeing illegal migrants coming from Africa, coming from the Middle East," Johnson told host Chris Wallace. "And we're doubling down on preventing that happening before they even reach the Southwest border."


1 comment:

lmclain said...

The Border Patrol has been catching middle eastern men crossing the Mexican border for at least 4 years.
That is their own statement.
NOW, this Bozo says he wants to "block them"??
I'm pretty sure the weapons they need to wreak havoc, death, and destruction on Americans (whom our "leaders" are SWORN to protect) have already crossed over.
I think that's called "shutting the barn door after the horses get out".
I also think it's called "dereliction of duty".
How about he start "focusing" on doing what he is PAID BY US to do, which is stop ALL illegal immigration. ALL OF IT.
Thats his job. It's NOT picking the flavor of the month for extra attention.
Keep cheering.