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Wednesday, September 14, 2016


Stations 16, 2, 1 and 6 Dispatched to a structure fire at 1103 Parsons Road. Deputy Chief 1 arriving on scene advising a working Apartment Fire. Cross streets of Mitchell Road and Fairground Drive.

Command requesting a second ambulance crew. Hebron EMS dispatched. Hebron FD re-alerted for their engine company.

No response from Hebron after the re-alert. Paramedic 2 cleared their first call and responded.

Interior to Command Fire knocked down looking for extension.

UPDATE: Command places fire under control, extensive overhaul.


Anonymous said...

What?? Busch Beach couldn't leave his State job to take a fire engine on a call for an apartment fire in Salisbury?

I know he was dying to respond in his command vehicle!

Anonymous said...

(Chief Message) [Chris O'Barsky] If any volunteer members staff Stations 1, 2 or 16 after 1730-0700 or on the Asst. Chief on duty before responding to any calls during those times. Thanks

Joe can you please make this it's own main topic please . Volunteers have to ask permission to run calls now if there just there hanging out at the firehouse . The duty engine from down town station 16 seem to be able to handle everything . The fire chief has also taken home response away . He has taking about 80 percent of the bell alerted calls away . They are out of control and they can't be slowed down. Ones to blame are Darrin and the fire chief as well as 2 paid assitant chiefs.