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Thursday, August 18, 2016

FBI did not let State see notes from its Clinton interview

Although the State Department has asked the FBI to provide notes from its July interview with Hillary Clinton, the law enforcement agency refused to do so before giving Congress the notes Tuesday in a batch of classified documents from its year-long investigation of the Democratic nominee.

Mark Toner, a State Department spokesman, said the FBI had shared with his agency some of the sensitive emails that were set to be produced to the House Oversight Committee in response to a request for justification of the decision to clear Clinton of criminal wrongdoing.

But the FBI had so far refused to allow State Department officials to review notes from its three-hour interview with the former secretary of state.

"We did ask the FBI that we be kept apprised of any information that they provided to Congress, and the reason why we did this is because it would relate to State Department equities and this is, frankly, a time-honored traditional inter-agency practice," Toner said.



Anonymous said...

DAH. (map)

Anonymous said...

The State Department has already shown its colors, as has the DOJ.

Anonymous said...

Cover up?

Steve said...

The DOJ and FBI , the House Oversight Communists, the State Department, and now Congress have all become totally irrelevant entities. They are all proven to be in Hillary's and Obama's boat and refuse the rule of law.

It's time to reset, folks.

Anonymous said...

Like we didn't know that was going to happen....they just think everybody is as stupid as they are, or should I say as they treat us? Unbelievable.