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Thursday, August 18, 2016

UMBC under investigation for allegedly mishandling rape

BALTIMORE (AP) — University of Maryland, Baltimore County is under federal investigation of its handling of sexual assaults on campus.

The U.S. Department of Education’s Office of Civil Rights opened an investigation into the school in July after an attorney filed a complaint that the school mishandled a rape report.

The investigation falls under Title IX, a federal statute that prohibits gender discrimination on college campuses.



Anonymous said...

Why on earth would ANY hard working parent send their child to this cesspool of crime disguised as a college??

Anonymous said...

522 because it is a good college, that is why.

Do you think there are areas immune to this type of crime? Colleges have always been a small haven for crime both in student body and administration. Sorry, but that is the truth. If you think there is a utopia out there, please share.

Anonymous said...

What a ridiculous comment....but typical of eastern content working for nothing and staying uneducated... kids are in school and will be extremely successful

Anonymous said...

It would not be a ridiculous comment if the ones in charge would do their job and do proper investigations and punish the perpetrators. They will not be responsible and fulfill their obligations because they want to recruit athletes and show low crime rate. Why should we not be able to send our children to college and expect them to be respected instead of allowing them to be victims. A prime example is Salisbury University. They are overrun by corruption and crime. They falsify crime facts because of their Lacrosse and football status. These athletes has and will never be prosecuted for crimes. That is a fact.

Anonymous said...

Funny how there are those who believe that because you attend college and receive a degree, you are automatically "educated". All driven by the privilege of having money.