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Thursday, August 18, 2016

Bewildered Hillary: Why Don’t People Like Bill Clinton?

Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton fired back at critics of her husband Bill Clinton and President Obama.

“We got a lot done for America when they were in office, right?” she asked a rally of supporters in Philadelphia today, arguing that Obama and a “guy named Clinton” led America to economic prosperity.

“When I hear people criticize Bill, I think, ‘What don’t they like? The peace or the prosperity?’” she asked. “I mean it’s kind of hard to know.”



Anonymous said...

Because he was a liar.

And, you are a liar, too.

IDK, I think Trump isn't one.


Steve said...

Bewildered????? LOL!!!!!

Proof she has no clue!

Anonymous said...

Bill is a rapist.

Anonymous said...

She almost makes me embarrassed to be a female

Anonymous said...

People may not like Bill, but they really truly HATE her!

Anonymous said...

Bill had Republican leadership in both Houses of Congress that forced him to spend less, cut taxes and improved the business climate to create jobs. He only looked good when he compromised with Republicans. But when the Democrats were voted back in as majority, they came up with the policy to allow bank loan approvals for people who couldn't afford to pay back mortgages for new homes. And when the bubble burst during Bush's time in office, they blamed him. And still do for their own senseless policies.

Anonymous said...

Numerous affairs he had in office. Was so poor when leaving the white house I remember the articles they wanted to live in New York but did not have the $ to buy a home. He became such good friends with first Bush president, but not hearing anything in support from them now. Charges thousands for speaking engagements, on what how to be deceptive. Crazy over Hillary now that she's running not so much the rest of their marriage.

Anonymous said...

Wow! Obviously, she doesn't think people should care about their actions as long as they made a little money in the stock market. On top of their entitled and arrogant behavior, we're supposed to forget how Bill's support of NAFTA, three strikes/tough on crime legislation, and the repeal of Glass Steagall led to much of the mess we're in today.