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Thursday, August 18, 2016

Scott Walker Accuses Clinton of 'Inflaming the Situation'

Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker Tuesday accused Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton of "inflaming the situation" with the unrest in Milwaukee with her call for rebuilding trust between the police and the community.

"In Sherman Park and in Milwaukee, they want law enforcement to step up and protect them," Walker told Fox News' "Fox & Friends" program.

"The people who live in the neighborhood want police, they want the police in Milwaukee and the sheriff's department to step up and protect them," Walker continued. "They didn't want the criminals who were doing those actions against those businesses to do that. And I think statements like that and the lack of leadership we have had from the president on this issue only inflame the situation."

In a speech in Scranton, Pennsylvania on Monday, Clinton called for the United States to "get back to the fundamental principle [and] everyone should have respect for the law and be respected by the law."

Rioting was sparked in Milwaukee after a black police officer shot and killed a black suspect fleeing from an officer. According to law enforcement officials, the suspect had a gun in his hand when he turned toward the police officer.

Walker, who dropped out of the presidential race early in the primary and now backs Trump, told the program that the violence in Milwaukee became more quiet Monday night, thanks to the combined effort of the Wisconsin State Patrol, local police officers, and Milwaukee County Sheriff David Clarke's department.

"I hope that's a good sign for the Sherman Park neighborhood, where the overwhelming people are good people," said Walker.


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Anonymous said...

If Hillary were serious about it, she'd go to Milwaukee for a few speeches.