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Saturday, August 06, 2016

24 people treated for overdose symptoms at music festival in Ohio

BUTLER, Ohio (WSYX/WTTE) — The Richland County Sheriff's department has confirmed 24 people were administered Narcan to treat overdose symptoms Saturday at Estfest at Ohio Dreams Sports Camp near Butler.

An unidentified white man, who stands 5-foot-6, weighs between 130 and 140 pounds and was seen wearing a red hat with a gray bill and a black shirt with a marijuana leaf on the front -- threw aluminum packets filled with a substance that appeared to be candy to festival patrons Saturday near the water slide area on the Ohio Dreams grounds. Roughly an hour later, the first person experiencing overdose symptoms came to medics and law enforcement for help. After that, Richland County Sheriff's Department Major Joe Masi said, more patrons started coming for help and the packets were discovered to be a common ingredient. All were treated with Narcan and taken to Ohio Health MedCentral Mansfield for further evaluation. Additional EMS units were called to the site.



Anonymous said...

u play u pay.

Anonymous said...

Suck it up. Kids these days have no tolerance for anything beyond titty milk and frappe's.
Can you imagine if these kids today has been at Woodstock? :P

Zorro said...

Wow, party on dude....from the transgender frat boys at Salibury University dude!

Anonymous said...

Using Narcan was a waste of time, so it looks like they presumed that it was heroin or something related to heroin.

Steve said...

"Don't take candy from strangers", is what my parents taught me! But, hey, that was the 50's. It's different now, right?

Anonymous said...

And nobody died.