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Monday, July 04, 2016

Sonnie Johnson on Blacks for Donald Trump: ‘We Want Greatness; We Do Not Want Free Sh*t’

Podcaster and blogger Sonnie Johnson was having a pretty good time with this year’s BET Awards until Jesse Williams took the stage, as she told SiriusXM host Stephen K. Bannon on Friday’s Breitbart News Daily.

“He gives this speech, a Black Lives Matter speech, and I wrote a responding article on, entitled ‘OK, Do You Want to Talk About Freedom Now?’” Johnson said. (The current title of the article was expanded to include both Johnson and Williams’ names; it may be read here.)

As Johnson pointed out, Jesse Williams has “a white mother and a black father – and that is what the Left has spent their time talking about, while the Right is talking about how divisive he is. And lost in this process are black people.”

She said she wrote her article to “reach those people, telling them the honest truth about why we cannot get problems solved in the black community.”



Anonymous said...

More Sonnie Johnson's needed.

Anonymous said...

Definitely, 12:39. Far less of Jesse, yet another actor who spouts wackadoodle speeches. My co-workers read what he had to say, all feel he's definitely doing hard drugs.

Anonymous said...

I believe that most of those in the black community feel that way but are too afraid to speak it publicly.
I also believe that most white people and black alike really are tired of the racism thing, but there are groups that profit by keeping racism alive.

Anonymous said...

All the talk and accusations of racism has made more people racist than ever , BLM is responsible for this also.
I admit that I'm a racist , I don't know why other than the lies from Sharpton , Jackson and Obama , maybe that's driven me to be a racist.
I also think the BLM has made me worse , the riots in Baltimore and Ferguson didn't help either. Also I've noticed that most radical muslims are black or brown. The black panthers are another piece of the racist pie.
Guess I could go on and on , but at least I admit it.

lmclain said...

Anonymously, of course.
Quite brave, old chap.