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Monday, July 25, 2016

Hispanics Beware of DNC

By Thornton Crowe

As promised, more from Wikileaks land!

Well, guys, just when you thought it was bad, it's about to get worse. Going through Wikileaks' Treasure Trove, these two emails came up about the Hispanic target demographics.

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Apparently, the DNC is concerned they're not going to turn out the votes in November so they're putting in overtime on this group in particular. Here is an email where they refer to Hispanics as "Taco Bowls." Such a degrading slur but nice to know how people are put into derogatory terms within their organization.

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Here is a memorandum that outlines the Hispanic demographics "traits." Once again, boiled down to cold stats. Interesting they generalize a whole race of people, yet Republicans are the ones who are "racists."

And interesting, this whole thing is being coordinated in conjunction with a man named Luis Miranda. Yes, a Hispanic himself, works around people who refer to 'his' people as taco bowls. In all fairness, let's say they don't say it to his face, wonder how he thinks about it now that it's all out in the public view!

Luis Miranda
It's amazing how someone can sellout his own people for a 'cause' - and an empty one at that. Oh wait, there's another guy doing that one... Feel the Bern.  Guess at the DNC, sellouts loves company!

For the Hispanic community, it might be a good idea to think before casting votes for a party that generalizes you - not looks at your needs but just how to get your votes!

How say you...


Anonymous said...

This is how Hillary operates. No heart-felt sympathy, just wants the votes to have the power to control all of us.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

This is way beyond disgusting - but that's how the Democrats operate especially Hillary. Vote Trump!

Anonymous said...

Quite a few Hispanics and Latinos are for Donald Trump. A Mexican lady in Selbyville told me this. She said if they say anything pro-Trump on their Facebooks and other social media people they don't even know come on and attack them verbally. Reminds me of the polls they were taking on the Brexit vote. All polls suggested exiting the EU wasn't popular. The actual vote spoke otherwise and it was determined a lot of the majority was silent due to the backlash.

Anonymous said...

Democrats are POS!

Anonymous said...

1152 HRC pimps for votes, much like Debbie pimped for her. There's no room for feelings in an election for people like Clinton. Seriously doubt she has them at all whether or not she's running for office.