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Monday, July 25, 2016

Cool, hip Hillary Clinton touts ‘Free Wi-Fi’ plan, taxpayers to feel the pain

In an apparent attempt to rally unemployed and low-income voters who make up so much of the Democratic Party’s base, candidate Hillary Clinton says her administration would provide free Wi-Fi throughout the country. There will, of course, be nothing free for taxpayers.

Clinton, in a statement about her plans to improve American technology infrastructure, insists that free or low cost high-speed internet access should be a right rather than a luxury in 21st century America.

From her campaign website:

[S]he will finish the job of connecting America’s households to the Internet, committing that by 2020, 100 percent of households in America will have access to affordable broadband that delivers world-class speeds sufficient to meet families’ needs. Clinton will also build upon the Obama Administration’s efforts to increase not just broadband access but also broadband adoption, both by fostering greater competition in local broadband markets to bring down prices and by investing in low-income communities and in digital literacy programs. In addition, Clinton is committed to expanding the Obama Administration’s efforts to connect “anchor” institutions — like public school and public libraries — to high-speed broadband. She will invest new federal resources so that train stations, airports, mass transit systems, and other public buildings can have access to gigabit connectivity and can provide free Wi-Fi to the public.

Clinton recently tried to play up her attempts to appear as a youthful candidate who understands the technology demands of young Americans with a tweet promising, “Two Words: Free Wi-Fi. In train stations, airports and other public spaces.”



Anonymous said...


Any time you see that word, especially when uttered by Democrat politicians, hold on to your wallets.

Anonymous said...

A "youthful candidate"?

She'll tell us anything, but all of it will be self-serving. She's grasping at straws now, attempting to break through to the Millennials, who hopefully know a schemer when they meet one.

Anonymous said...

For some time i have thought this was a good idea. I think the government should leave most matters to the free market. The post office started because no private company could operate a mail service affordably and mail service was nessasary to advance the nation. Nowadays plenty of companies can do that job and turn a profit, while the postal service is hemorrhaging money.
All the government functions required to be done by mail would be made electronic. You could also look for a way to alleviate stress on our schools with online education. It would be an economic benefit because we are all stuck paying a fortune for internet/cable/phone bundles and most of use would use the internet for phone, movies and shows.
The government would purchase the current "grid" and after that initial investment providing service would cost very little. They would have to stop the practice of requesting backdoors into the software. It must be hands off. Kind of like on the highway where you are free to travel but only get stopped if you are being reckless. No more blanket surveillance. That's the only way it would work.
If Hillary did it though it would take 8 years, 100 billion dollars, 400k new government union jobs, and it would take 40 minutes to load SBYNews... if she even allowed it on Her internet.