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Wednesday, July 20, 2016

Earnest can't say why WH won't be lit in blue to honor cops

President Obama's top spokesman wouldn't say why the Obama administration is rejecting requests to illuminate the White House in blue to honor police officers gunned down in Dallas and now Baton Rouge, La.

"I don't suspect that that is something that we will do," press secretary Josh Earnest answered on Monday when asked if the administration will acquiesce to calls from police departments and others to do so.

But when asked why not, Earnest had no ready answer, except to highlight all the other steps the White House has taken to support police.

"Obviously the president did travel to Dallas" for last week's memorial service for that city's five slain police officers there, Earnest said.



Anonymous said...

This president of yours is a black racist , he supports any and all black people good or bad. I do not recognize obama as president , he is , in my humble opinion satan or the devil which ever you wish . His burial place should be my septic tank.

Anonymous said...

And he lit it up at the death of a wealthy drug abuser previously name Prince.

Anonymous said...

Obama is a big POS. He colored the white house rainbow colors for to celebrate same sex marriage. He colored it all purple for Prince. But not blue to honor the fallen Police Officers. he is the biggest racist in our country. He hates white people because he is a Muslim. And he hates the United States of America that is why he is trying to change it into a Muslim Nation.

Anonymous said...

It's not the "gay" thing to do. And....I totally, totally agree with 7:04 AM.

Anonymous said...

AND some of the police officers that have been targeted and killed ARE black. So sad. ALL LIVES MATTER
big, small, young, old, white, black, yellow
Jesus LOVES us all. HE may not like our choices, or the decisions we make, but HE died on the cross for our sins

Anonymous said...

Purple WH never happened. An internet lie.