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Monday, July 25, 2016

Cruz Conspiracy

By Thornton Crowe

Oswald & Cruz circa 1963
Remember when everyone in the Media  laughed at Donald Trump and the National Enquirer about the whole Cruz story about his dad being in cahoots with Lee Harvey Oswald back around the time when John F. Kennedy, Jr. was assassinated?

There were even pictures and video footage of Rafael Cruz circulating throughout the Twitterverse and other social media outlets, showing him passing out flyers along side Oswald in Louisiana and Texas. Everyone claimed it was just a straw-grasp!

When this story broke, Hillary Clinton and company laughed it off as some hoax on Trump's part to defame his opponent. (Fancy that, she never does that to her opponents. See Fake Trump Craig's List Advert in other post here on Salisbury News.) In fact, she poked fun at Trump's  claim that he got from the 'rag' in many rallies and speeches. 

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Well, interestingly enough, it seems they were not unfamiliar  about the connection as seen in this email. Last night during a his newscast, even Bret Baier commented about the story/email on his Fox News Special Edition at the DNC Convention. Seems this news tidbit may pick up heat but not necessarily for Cruz.

Luis Miranda, DNC's Communications Director, didn't think it was out of the realm of possibilities at all. In fact, he laid out for his fellow DNCers the case for this 'conspiracy' truth.

Also notice this email denotes his assessment was a draft; therefore, they (DNC) might have been looking to use this intel for their own use should Cruz win the nomination!

Oh the hypocrisy runneth over in DNC-Land. It's almost a bad joke, but the subterfuge reveals are only just beginning.

Note: Every campaign has investigating operatives that do backgrounds on opponents. In fact, sometimes they begin their work long before election cycles in order to find what people seal before it's sealed. Just thought you should know this little known fact.

Stay tuned there is more than one connection between Ted Cruz and the DNC to come.

How say you...

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Anonymous said...

Figures they would have the scoop on Cruz. He told the Texas Delegates one of the reasons he refused to endorse Trump was because of his dad. Maybe he should've checked into his dad's past before running for president. Didn't know he was a citizen. Didn't know about his dad's background. Ted was really on the ball wasn't he?