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Saturday, June 04, 2016

Paul Ryan: Donald Trump can help make reality of bold House policy agenda

When Donald Trump became the Republican Party’s presumptive nominee for president one month ago, many Republicans like me faced a big question.

Six months earlier, in October, as I was taking the job as House speaker, my colleagues and I were discussing an equally important question: What could House Republicans do to give Americans a clear choice about the future of the country?

Sure, count us among the majority of Americans upset with the direction our country is headed. But that’s not enough. We agreed that we must focus less on what we’re against and more on what we’re for. So, long before we knew who our nominee would be, we decided we would present the country a policy agenda that offers a better way forward. We know what we believe in, so let’s bring it to the country.

That’s how I’ve always looked at it. I’ve spent most of my adult life pursuing ways to help protect the “American Idea”—the notion that the condition of one’s birth does not determine the outcome of one’s life. The first step is always putting it on paper and having a real debate. And with the Obama presidency nearing an end, we have a real opportunity to get big things done the next four years.

That’s why next week my colleagues and I will start introducing a series of policy proposals that address the American people’s top priorities. These plans are the result of months of work by House Republicans.


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Anonymous said...

Dear Speaker Ryan, It's time for you to stop and take a look around. The American people are voicing their opinion and telling you that we don't like the path that this country has been taking. We are not pleased with the path that either party is taking. We are tired of government forcing us into their course of action, we now want our course of action. Get on board sir, or this may be your last term. The American people want our country back and we are determined to do exactly that at the voting booth.If the Good Lord wanted you to speak twice as much as listen, he would have given you 2 mouths and 1 ear!