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Saturday, June 04, 2016

Father, Son Busted For Heroin In Resort On Same Day

OCEAN CITY — Illustrating how the growing heroin scourge in the area is affecting entire families, or maybe illustrating the apple truly doesn’t fall very far from the tree, a father and son were arrested on heroin possession and distribution charges last weekend on the same day in separate incidents.

Around 9:30 a.m. last Saturday, an Ocean City police officer was dispatched to check on the welfare of an individual slumped over in his vehicle parked behind a store on 33rd Street. The officer arrived on the scene and observed a male suspect, later identified as Thomas Chris Kranias, 24, of Ocean City, seated in the driver’s seat with the ignition on and the vehicle in park.

According to police reports, Kranias’ head was slumped over his chest with saliva hanging from his mouth. The officer opened the door and Kranias opened his eyes and appeared to be dazed. When asked if he was having a medical problem, Kranias told police he was okay. The officer asked Kranias to step out of the vehicle and asked if he had anything on him or in the vehicle he shouldn’t have and Kranias reportedly said no and told the officer to search his vehicle. When asked if the officer could search his person, Kranias consented and put his hands in the air.



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It looks like the Pennsylvania Navy has adopted the same "screening" protocols of the Dept. of Homeland Security.

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Very sad. Father taught his son all the wrong things to do.

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I was unaware that having an unloaded gun in the trunk was concealed carry. How else does one transport a gun?