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Saturday, June 04, 2016

New pay policy places cap on Ocean City’s top earners

Months after giving city employees a slight raise, the Ocean City Council on Tuesday passed a new policy that recalibrated the system.

The new plan covers pay raises, promotions, demotions and transfers as recommended by the city’s comprehensive pay and classification study that was completed last year.

“This is a tweak of the existing policy, and puts more specificity on how we handle these instances and how we will address people at the top of their pay range,” said city Human Resources Director Wayne Evans. “All these topics came up during discussions at various points of time, and I believe this policy addresses these issues.”

When the council adopted the new wage brackets as recommended by the pay study conducted by Management Advisory Group International (MAGI) last October, there was some dissension when a council majority voted to include a 2 percent raise across the board for city employees.


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Anonymous said...

Typical, right after the top paid worthless ones got 3% more in addition to already being grossly over paid.