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Friday, June 03, 2016

Mere 35 Minutes After UCLA Shooting- Loony Left Pulls THIS Sick Number On ‘Gun Control’

On Wednesday, a madman opened fire on the UCLA campus. He killed himself and another person. This is a tragedy, but rather than offer prayers and positive wishes, the left did what they typically do: they pounced almost immediately to further an anti-Second Amendment agenda. Within 35 minutes of the shots ringing out, liberal pundits chimed-in and demonstrated the vulture-esque tactics upon which they routinely rely.

It’s another day in the U.S. where Americans encountered gun violence in a place where, according to liberals, guns were prohibited. The UCLA campus was placed under lockdown Wednesday morning after reports of a gunman opening fire emerged.

Within hours, the scene had been cleared and authorities have declared that the shooting was likely a murder-suicide that left two men dead including the shooter.

Authorities claim that the situation is entirely contained and they are no longer seeking additional suspects. The police recovered the gun and what appears to be a suicide note.

The shooting is certainly a tragedy and while it would be natural to offer thoughts and prayers regarding the tragedy, the left has seemingly opted to conduct themselves in the standard shameful manner to which they have become accustomed.

Within 35 minutes of the first reports of the shooting, the left began politicizing the deaths to vilify firearms and those who dare to defend the Second Amendment.


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Anonymous said...

And look at the one cop in the middle, one his cell phone, so clearly there is no threat that they are worried about...