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Friday, June 03, 2016

University of Maryland program encourages medical students to consider primary care

Dr. Eugene Newmier moved to the small Eastern Shore city of Cambridge in 1997 because the state promised some help repaying his medical school loans. He soon was charmed by the lifestyle — and the patients.

He now cares for 3,000 to 3,500 people, about the most recommended under federal guidelines and more than a quarter of the city's population. But he is loath to turn anyone away.

"We need to be there," said Newmier, who has not had a physician partner for years. "A good percentage of other doctors in town don't take new patients."

With such a keen understanding from the front lines of the national primary care doctor shortage, he agreed to serve as a mentor in a University of Maryland School of Medicine program designed to excite students about such medicine by immersing them in apprenticeships early in their medical school training.



Anonymous said...

The real problem is that Dr's wives don't want to move here.

Anonymous said...

So bring a primary care residency program to the Shore. Two universities and an overly huge regional hospital have the resources, and community opportunities are everywhere.

Anonymous said...

11:30am - As the Stallion used to say here on the shore - "BINGOOO BABY!"

Jack said...

I think it would be more fun to be a Gynecologist.

Anonymous said...

3:29, yes could be finger lickin good!

Anonymous said...

One local doctor I have been told only came here because he owned huge med school bills and was placed in one of our three local counties to get a break on his bills. That is really great for all of his patients which didn't have a clue he really didn't want to be here. ...but he couldn't make a go of it so they got rid of him and then he ended up in another local county. That is no way for people to get quality help from a doctor. Imagine being treated by a doctor who feels you are a means to an end and acts like it. Not fun.