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Friday, May 06, 2016

Wicomico Utilizes Breath Test At Prom To Confirm Alcohol Use

BERLIN– Six students and one college student were thrown out of James M. Bennett High School’s annual prom in Wicomico County last week for failing breathalyzer tests after being suspected of consuming alcohol.

Five seniors, one junior and a college student, who was the guest of a current student at James M. Bennett high, were told to leave the event after failing the breathalyzer test, according to Wicomico County Board of Education Spokeswoman Tracy Sahler.

“A breath-testing device was used, and the device confirmed that alcoholic beverages had been consumed,” said Sahler. “The students were not allowed to remain at prom, and parents of the high school students were contacted to pick them up.”

In a statement released by Wicomico County’s Board of Education, it outlined the possible punishments that may be facing the students.

“The Code of Conduct prohibits alcohol use or possession by students as a violation of public health and safety, and mandates a minimum penalty of five days of suspension plus five hours of mandatory counseling and 45 days of suspension from extracurricular activities,” the statement read.


Editor's Note: This article gives a little more information than the release from Wicomico County Schools. 


Anonymous said...

Countless others smoked weed or took molly and no one was the wiser.

Anonymous said...

I guess my questions would be, do the parents have to consent to this test? Was there reasonable cause to initiate the test? Who administered the tests?
I do not have any in high school yet and I now wondering if I have to sign away their rights when they enter 9th grade.

Anonymous said...

Our reality is totally different from 30 years ago.

Nothing is regarded as innocent or acceptable any longer.

Everything we do, eat, drink, smoke is regulated and watched over by our masters in the government.

It is a very sad existence.

Anonymous said...

why not bring in the drug dogs to sniff out the THUGS?

Anonymous said...

Maybe it's time to consider proms independent of the school system.

Steve said...

Dateline: Berlin. I guess it takes a Worcester County newspaper to cover Salisbury's news. Salisbury certainly lacks a "news"paper.

Anonymous said...

Hey, lets bust a bunch of honor students at prom to show how tough we are but let students show up stoned every day and do nothing. Yes the did the crime and must pay the consequences but ill tell you being in the school system, they ignore much worse every day.

Anonymous said...

While I think this is a violation of the kids rights I am shocked at everyone wanting to arrest for Marijuana use. It is not the Marijuana smoker that the cops will be scraping off a tree after a prom night crash.