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Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Rubio Running Again?

Sen. Marco Rubio could shake up the Florida Senate race if he changes his mind and seeks re-election, because his familiarity among voters would likely let him surge ahead of an otherwise obscure pack of candidates in both parties. 

"The good news for Marco Rubio is he has very high name recognition," Peter Brown, who surveys Florida voters for the Quinnipiac University Poll. 

Eight Republicans and three Democrats are running in the August 30 primary that will award each party a spot on the ticket. November matchup polls, however, show no candidate has a clear advantage, which is worrisome to Republican party leaders who are fighting to hold onto the Senate majority, and desperate to hang onto Rubio's seat.

Source: Washington Examiner


Anonymous said...

Hang on tight - it will definitely be a November to Remember, for sure!


Thornton Crowe said...

Rubio doesn't seem to grasp that he violated and destroyed the trust Floridians had for him. He seems to keep going in and out of this decision much like a person trying to decide whether or not they're going to ask their ex to be their prom date. It's really ridiculous to witness and proves he's nonsensical in his processing of what happened to him during the Florida primary.

Starting out as a Tea Party darling, when he got to DC he began supporting legislation the voters did not advocate. He should know any election prospect there is a moot point and a bigger waste of money as when he ran in the presidential primary. Whoever is consulting him needs to really reflect on his loss and why before sending this out into the airwaves. Floridians are disenchanted with him completely. Plus, with a population that has a large demo of seniors, can't imagine they are bedazzled by his 'cuts' to SS considering they're already struggling on what they make now! No smart politicking.

Anonymous said...

Rubio, just go home and have a sandwich.