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Thursday, March 24, 2016

Ahold Delhaize Holders Approve Merger; 83 U.S. Supermarkets Reportedly For Sale

On March 14, shareholders of Ahold and Delhaize officially approved the merger of the two large European grocery chains setting the stage for a mid-year closing of the deal which was first announced on June 24, 2015.

Additionally, at its U.S, holdings, both chains are reportedly offering a combined 83 stores for sale in the Baltimore-Washington, Eastern Shore, Richmond (Central Virginia), Southern Pennsylvania, West Virginia, Lower Hudson Valley and Greater Boston markets. Those stores would seemingly represent an overlap issue for the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) which has yet to make its divestiture list public before we went to press. See list below.

Forty-three of those stores are non-union Food Lion units and nine of the stores on the reported selling block currently trade as Giant Food/Landover, which is unionized. An additional nine Massachusetts stores (both Hannaford and Stop & Shop banners) and two Stop & Shop supermarkets that are located in the Lower Hudson Valley region of New York are on the list.



Anonymous said...

Get rid of the Food Lions and keep the Giant!

Anonymous said...

Exactly, 11:49!!

KBinLA said...

As we all know, 99% of all we watch, read & listen to is controlled by half-a-dozen global corps. Your food & water are next folks.
At one time in our past mergers were a good thing. However, that day is gone. And, it's obvious, look at Comcast, Verizon, Monsanto, BIG PHARMA, BIG OIL on & on... It's not just business growth any longer., it's about population control today.
A verse in Don Henley's "Workin' It" says it all.
But, the barons in the balcony are laughing and pointing to the pits. They say, awww.., look, they've grown accustomed to the smell, now people love that sh!t.

Anonymous said...

Yep 12:42 it's all about a handful of global corporations controlling all commerce and services worldwide. Gone are the days of small independent businesses.