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Wednesday, February 17, 2016

Looking for Love in Maryland? Try a College Town

If you're planning ahead now so that you don't spend next Valentine's Day alone, know this: where you live could have a big impact on who you meet. Across Maryland, college towns top the rankings of cities with the highest proportion of unmarried residents. But if you're looking for someone single over the age of 24, Baltimore and Washington, D.C., are your best bet.


College Towns Lead State in Percentages of Single Residents
Try heading to Washington, D.C., Baltimore, or College Park for your best chances at finding a date. While Salisbury has a slightly higher percentage of unmarried residents than College Park, the home of the University of Maryland boasts more residents between the ages of 20 and 39. 



Anonymous said...

Someone "single" in Baltimore will have 6 kids, on government assistance and have a dependency problem. No thanks.

Two Things Could Be True said...

Yeah, there's more singles there. Why? Because chances are, they work for the federal government or state of Maryland. Either way, bureaucrats usually have a hard time getting hitched because they're often hypocrites as well. How's that for being un-PC?