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Sunday, January 03, 2016

Salisbury News Surpasses 33,000,000 Hits In 2015

Happy New Year To All Our Viewers
While 2015 has proven to be the best year we have ever seen, there's so much more to do and so much more to come.

2016 will be a very telling year for Salisbury News. In years past we have continued to expand many features but we'd like to do more. We have always been a free service to the community and will continue to do so.

However, it costs money to do what we do, let alone all the time it takes to read/moderated/reject more then 1,000,000 comments. We've published more then 140,000 articles in our time and viewers have asked us to provide even more features.

Some have asked that we bring a daily news video and some have asked that we consider doing an on line radio show. We're considering both.

However, to do so, this will take even more of our time and certainly more expenses. We have moderators who spend so much time, (7 days a week) going through comments. We've grown to delivering news and information 24 hours a day and yes, we have even been moderating comments 24 hours a day as well. 

It's time we do something different. This year we're going to add a Pay Pal button to Salisbury News that will allow each and every one of you to consider making a DONATION to our cause. We need to start paying these hard working people. 

In 2016 we will for the first time become more aggressive by making contact with businesses to advertise with us, something we've not done in the past. Our ads will remain at only $100.00 a month but you'll clearly be reaching tens of millions of viewers and these businesses will never be able to reach so many viewers every single day for anywhere near that rate anywhere else.

Our ads don't pop up only once in every four visits, like so many other places do. These ads will be on the home page every time you come here and we encourage each and every one of you to consider doing business with the advertisers who not only support what we do, they're smart enough to take advantage of reaching so many millions of people while putting "Good Money After Good Money". 

If we are to deliver a daily news broadcast and also add a radio show, we'll need more support. No one will be shoving funding down your throats, you'll do so at your own will and we thank you for considering doing so. We will also provide a mailing address for those of you who would rather send a check.

On top of the funding that we hope to build, we also want to continue passing on good will by "Paying It Forward" and giving back even more to our communities. 

I will say this Ladies & Gentlemen, we've worked extremely hard for the past 11 years. If we cannot raise funds to keep things going, I will shut down Salisbury News. That is not a threat, it just makes sense. We have dedicated ourselves for a very long time and in order to continue bringing you a daily service, the only way we can expand and cover more local news and information is by bringing on some new people. 

No, we do not want to become the size of the old Daily Times or hire anywhere near as many people as the rest of the local MSM. We've proven over all these years that we can not only cover MORE stories on a daily basis, we can also deliver you local news and information well before these other news sources who charge $300.00 a day for the very same ad we only charge $100.00 a month for. 

We'll be able to do so by adding more advertisers AND continued donations from our daily viewers. I believe we've earned let's say a small donation each year from our viewers, don't you? 

So help join us to make 2016 the best year we've ever had, again. You deliver and we will deliver, you have my word on that. 

If you are wondering why or how we have achieved so much traffic, believe it or not, a lot of it has to do with your help. We receive incredible tips daily. We receive photos and news tips like no one else. We also have a group of people who tip us off daily on news stories they feel are important to our way of life. We can't thank all of you enough for your continued support. 

If you see a stories you feel we should publish please send them to us and we will consider them for publication. 

How about all of the success stories with reuniting animals with their families. Think about this Ladies & Gentlemen. Animals are usually reunited in about 20 minutes after we publish them. Think about just how many people are on Salisbury News on a regular basis to realize their pet has been found and or even lost. Heck, we even reunited a Goat this year, go figure. Isn't it interesting how all of the television news stations are now following in our footsteps with animals now.

As I can recall, this year we only had one dog that didn't get reunited, (that we know of) and was taken to the Humane Society. How comforting is it to know that IF your animal gets loose you can pretty much bank on the fact that you will find it right here on Salisbury News. Yeah, that's pretty cool. Trust me, it's one of our favorite features.

Yes, we've had an incredible year and we would like to keep it going. Our ads have no strings attached. We want to earn your business and not stick you to lengthy contracts. If you are not happy with the results you can drop your ad immediately. Compare our traffic and our rates to ANYONE else. Just know you will always be on the home page and not buried on a discounted page no one ever goes to, like Delmarva Life. 

One other thing we did that no one else did is to report crime, most wanted and even crime watchers. NOW, WBOC has their "Most Wanted Monday". WMDT now has their "Fugitive Friday". Our pressure forced the rest of the media to finally start EXPOSING just how bad crime is here on the Shore. 

Finally, if you haven't followed the trend of how people are now watching television, people are getting ticked off at the car dealers screaming and yelling at you in commercials. People are sick of all the pharmaceutical ads, or should I say infomercials. The new generation of viewers are turning to alternative ways to watch TV. You have Netflix, Amazon Prime and so many others out there that are now commercial free. This is going to bring an end to WBOC, WRDE and WMDT. You mark my words, Salisbury News is light years ahead of the competition and they know it. Heck, now that we've announced our traffic, you better believe they're squirming because so many have stopped buying the paper or watch the local news any more. 

So help us to grow even further. Support what we're doing. No one is trying to get rich from our viewers and that's what makes what we do so cool. You know those people out there that say they never go to Salisbury News, HELLOOOO! We didn't surpass 33,000,000 hits because we're lying. We did so because of dedication, word of mouth and commitment. So the next time someone says they don't come here just look at them and say, uh huh, sure you don't.  

Thanks for a great year Folks.


Anonymous said...

Happy New Year, Joe, to you, your family and your SBY News "elves."

Anonymous said...

Happy new year, Joe and company! I'll be stepping up with a modest donation in '16.

Anonymous said...

Congratulations. I'm happy to make a donation.

Anonymous said...

Our business will be advertising with you this year.

Anonymous said...

I have completely given up on local tv news. I mute all of the commercials and I just can't stand all of the gay anchors. I had nothing against gay people but this has gone too far. My children are impressionable and I do not want them thinking this is how they should talk or act.

Anonymous said...

Reuniting pets and their owners is my favorite feature. I come here every morning for the news and so do all my friends. We all text back and forth daily.... did you see the article about blah blah blah. Can't wait for the new tv show here.

Anonymous said...

We will also be happy to donate....we appreciate so much you keeping us updated with news.

Anonymous said...

WBOC bought a radio station and WMDT has partnered with WICO. They see whats coming and I agree with you Joe. If they were smart they would partner with you now before you start raking in big money. I have enjoyed watching this site grow over the years. Adding a radio and TV portion will put a real hurting on them. Happy New Year and thanks.

Anonymous said...

I do remember something I learned many years ago. "If you don't grow , you shrink". I hope the growth of this news media will make every effort to support it's followers , as you have done in the past.
Myself and family have come to depend on your news given the fact that it is based on the truth. Maybe there is a niche that hasn't been used or some other advertising . Anyway , you certainly don't appear to be one that gives up easily. My friend said " you can fly with the eagles or scratch with the chickens". I've flown with the eagles too long now.

JoeAlbero said...

Thanks everyone.

As for 7:19, we're not selling to anyone. The whole purpose with starting SBYNews was to deliver factual and truthful news and information. Something we cannot get from local print and or television news. If they bought us out they'd simply stop publishing what we do and that does none of us any good.

The funny part is, each and every one of them created their own Blogs, REMEMBER? How's it working for them! They can't deny us, not at all. We have published our numbers and given them exactly what they've been asking for over the years.

Even with the help of corporate Gannett, do you really think the Daily Times has traffic in the millions? They can't compete, nor can the local television news sites.

One commenter above stated they don't like the gays as anchors. Well, I kind of feel the same way but I guess I'd say I am not entertained by those anchors as it is not my style. I'd have to think it's not most of the Eastern Shore residents style either. So where I agree in theory is, WHY are they pushing the LGBT style so hard, what's their agenda? Maybe these Liberals just think if they shove it on us every single day they'll brainwash us into thinking this is the normal way of life and we should just accept it.

So I'm thinking, why not deliver a MANLY news station. I mean, even WBOC spent $300,000.00 on a survey company and they found that the massive majority of their viewers are rednecks and hunters, (hence the creation of Delmarva outdoors) they why shouldn't I capitalize on their findings.

WMDT isn't even worth mentioning.

We all enjoy what we do here. I have said for many years, our gift from all of you is the increase of traffic and comments, you've delivered and we can't thank you enough.

Anonymous said...

I think you are right. I stopped watching the local news because of the commercials.

Anonymous said...

Good job Joe and Happy New Year.

Anonymous said...

Joe you should absolutely find a contributor to do an outdoors article weekly or monthly. It could involve archery, shooting, hunting, fishing, even include trying out new gadgets used by hunters and fishermen. What do you think? Is that something you'd consider? I might be interested in contributing that.

JoeAlbero said...

9:45, That would be awesome. Most of my friends are outdoors men and would enjoy that very much.

Anonymous said...

Do people around here think news anchors are gay because they dress professionally and can speak intelligently and have a nice haircut? That's what the job requires. Get a life people! (and maybe a haircut and some nice clothes)

Anonymous said...

Have a great 2016 SBY news! and what better outdoor contributor than a local gun shop if they want to boost sales.

Anonymous said...

Hunting, Fishing & Cooking! Remember the Frank White TV Show? I thought it was great and was sorry to see it disappear.

Good Job said...

Happy New Year Joe:

Your Blog has objective reporting, and seems to be the only source of news that is accurate anymore....

Anonymous said...

You should be very proud. I come here every day to get my news. Thanks for all you do.

Anonymous said...

Thanks, Joe. I hope that 2016 is even better.

Anonymous said...

I have no problem making a donation. We gave up the daily times two years ago and completely rely on your blog.

Anonymous said...

Wow, more than 90.5 thousand a day! That's got to be more than the paper and the three TV stations combined!

What say you, WMTD, WBOC, & DELMARVANOW?

Show us your numbers!

Anonymous said...

Monday I will contact the other news outlets my company has been advertising with and demand they provide their numbers as well. If they cannot compete we will redirect our advertising funds and advertise with Salisbury News instead. I have a feeling we'll be in contact with you very soon. Very impressive Joe.

JoeAlbero said...

10:15, How sssssspecccccial of you to ssssssuggesssst we all clean up and dresssss jussssst like you.

Are you suggesting Eric doesn't give a good enough haircut, because that's where most of us go.

Here's an idea. Why not create an exclusive LGBT channel, (47 is very close) and try to see what kind of audience you get. No, that won't happen because you'll fall flat on your face and fail.

You are riding off the shirt tails of the straight crowd and hating any one of us who DISAGREE with your lifestyle. No one hates you, we just disagree with you as well as the news station.

I guess we'll see if a MANLY news station will rise above the LGBT news this year. Time will tell.

JoeAlbero said...

To answer a couple of the questions that came to me,

"Pageviews", Salisbury News has TWO days worth of news and information up on one page. You would have to go to the third day to get a SECOND page view and from the stats we've reviewed, that is extremely rare.

"Comments", This has always floored us since day one. The percentage of people that come here vs those who comment and less then 1/10th of 1%. Most people simply do not comment.

The FACT that SBYNews gets more comments then ANY other news source probably in the entire state is in the very least impressive. We engage discussion. However, does it say just how messed up the Shore is?

As for the other Blogger, we have always said there's plenty of room for more Blogs. The big difference between the two of us is consistency. I recently heard he was saying that I have other contributors who do most of the work on SBYNews, that is absolutely not true. Actually, I'm really not sure where he comes up with such lies but I am up at 4 AM almost every single day. I publish the majority of articles each day and he knows this as a fact. He knows how to look up who published each article, so he knows for a fact that I do most of them and he once again is flat out lying.

Salisbury News is not a hobby Blog. We are dedicated individuals that provide articles each and every day at the exact same time every single day and have done so for many years. If anyone has a hobby Blog, his is a hobby Blog. Nevertheless, hard work is not something he has proven to be dedicated to. I'm sure he is blown away at our traffic and believes it is a lie. Well, if I was lying, each and every advertiser could easily sue me for lying, something I do not do.

I have been asked for years to prove our numbers and we have done just that. Spin it any way you want, we have more traffic then anyone else and always have.

As for businesses out there, they'd be foolish to not advertise here and the numbers prove just that. You can't get a rate of $100.00 a month anywhere else, especially with the traffic we receive. Any SMART business person would realize, love us or hate us, we have more viewers then anyone else and I know if I had a business I'd be putting up the $100.00 a month immediately. Let me say this as well. The businesses that do come on board will remain at $100.00 a month for a lifetime. We will not increase our rates to them. Some time down the road we'd be smart to increase our rates and that day will eventually come.

Finally, we have proven to be an incredible success. While some may look at our numbers and say, wow, others will know we had to work very hard to achieve such traffic. The smart ones will realize that we didn't just start something and then get bored, shut it down for several days and then come back NUMEROUS times and say we're dedicated once again. We have delivered 365 days a year for more then a DECADE. We're not going anywhere but like this post says, we need the support to keep going. If you want more, video news and radio, we'll need the funding. I have done this long enough. I have paid out tens of thousands of dollars out of my own pocket to keep this going. I'd be better off getting a part time job at Home Depot then continuing to pay taxes on Salisbury News.

I hope this answers every one's questions.

Anonymous said...

I will gladly make a donation. I started with your blog several years ago, probably about 7, and can't imagine not reading every day. I think you'll find most people will gladly make a donation simply because we appreciate you.

Anonymous said...

Don't take advice from any of the idiots who offer it.You have by far the best ideas that began with the inception of Sby News.Any appreciable improvements post inception have been YOUR ideas.You don't think like we do,thank god,and that separates you from the pack.Thanks for humoring us by making us think we have an occasional brainstorm.