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Thursday, January 14, 2016

OC Council Approves Median Fence For Portion Of Coastal Highway; New Barrier Expected For Summer ‘17

OCEAN CITY — The Ocean City Mayor and Council this week approved the final design for a dune-style fence down the center of the median for the first phase of a project that will eventually stretch from one end of the resort to the other.

The Ocean City Transportation Committee met on Tuesday morning with State Highway Administration (SHA) officials to discuss the final design for the proposed Pedestrian Safety and Connectivity Project for the median along Coastal Highway from Convention Center Drive to Route 90. The project includes enhanced lighting, bus lane adjustments and perhaps most importantly, a physical barrier of sorts in the center of the median to deter pedestrians from crossing mid-block and instead encourage them to use the marked intersections. Coastal Highway is officially Maryland Route 528 and the project will be fully funded by the state.

The Transportation Committee approved the design on Tuesday morning and forwarded a favorable recommendation to the full Mayor and Council. On Tuesday afternoon, the Mayor and Council saw the same SHA presentation and unanimously approved the final design.



Anonymous said...

People will attempt to jump the fence rather than go around it. if anything it will promote the want to cross mid block in order to attempt to jump it. and, it will only be successful until someone breaks the links between... and then its just going to look awful.

Anonymous said...

Well that's an attractive fence,NOT!

Anonymous said...

What ocean City wants, Ocean City gets!

Anonymous said...

I agree 1:08. It appears as though no one in OC has any taste and refinement whatsoever-no one as in the government decision makers. The boardwalk is horrid. A hodge podge of benches, trash cans and those light! UGH! Whoever thought the Victorian inspired lighting would be an asset needs to immediately resign if they haven't left already. There is no cohesion in style.

Anonymous said...

Unless it's 6 foot tall, the Baltimorans will just run out there and climb over it.

Anonymous said...

Great idea