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Tuesday, December 08, 2015

Sheriff To License Holders: Carry Your Guns

Sheriff says licensed gun owners, off-duty deputies, have responsibility to carry weapons.

The Boone County, Ohio sheriff has a message for licensed, trained gun owners: You should carry your guns, to protect yourself and others.

In a "call to action," Sheriff' Michael Helmig released his thoughts on the Boone County Sheriff's Office Facebook page.

"I have reminded my current and retired Deputy Sheriffs of their responsibility to carry their firearms while off-duty," Helmig's open letter states.

"I would also like to remind the people who have applied, been trained, and issued a license to carry a Concealed Deadly Weapon (CCDW) that they also have a responsibility to carry their firearm, which they are proficient with, for the safety of themselves and others. It is also the responsibility of everyone to refresh themselves with the laws that govern the privilege and great responsibility that accompany being a CCDW license holder.

"What else can you do?"



Anonymous said...

I hear your call sir, and i am strapped up.

Anonymous said...

Larry hoagan where are you on this? I wabt to carry .

lmclain said...

No one needs a cop (or a politician) to tell them IF it's okay to carry a gun.
I love it when they say it's a great "privilege" to be able to carry your weapon. A "privilege", of course, doled out by the very people from whom the Constitution intended to PROTECT US!
Get off your knees, waiting for someone to "help you", give you things, protect you and guide you through this hurtful life.
Or for the sensitive types, and the liberal brainwashed goofs,

Keep cheering.

Anonymous said...

1:19 Go get your permit. Take the classes, pay the fees, do the background interview (2hrs.+) at MSP, get the card and you are legal to carry. There are plenty of people that have had them issued recently is Wicomico county.

Anonymous said...

I'm carrying concealed and carrying a copy of my 2nd Amendment with it. In Wicomico County.

I have a 30 state carry permit with required training in my possession that excludes Maryland, but will depend on my Jury to defend that right.

Look out, bastions!

Anonymous said...

3:48 PM

I noticed that crap too. And unless someone has never been around guns their whole life, handling a gun is not rocket science. Of course one does need to have common sense and some are lacking in that area. Regardless, we are at war and everyone should carry. legal or not.

Anonymous said...

@8:47 Why don't you have a MD carry permit, if you have all those other states CCW?

lmclain said...

A TWO HOUR (++??) interview? TWO HOURS???
Sounds like a psych test is included and everything you've ever said or done.
Yelled at your wife in the last twenty years?
Ever been in a fistfight?
Ever taken a pencil from work?
Are you Christian?
What do you think of obama?
Do you read any conservative blogs?
Do people think you are a nice person?
WHAT can take two hours or more?
Nazi wanna-be's trying to give THEMSELVES the authority to write the Constitution.
I'm going to buy another gun TODAY.
And I WILL NOT pay an extortion fee, fill out any forms, or ask anyone if it's okay with them.
I have a DD 214. I suppose that would disqualify me right away?
All you "if you aren't doing anything wrong, don't worry" sheep, stand up and give us your best "baaah baaaahhh"!
The sheep version of "cheering".