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Saturday, December 26, 2015

GOP Skeptical of Harry Reid's 'Promise' to Paul Ryan

GOP lawmakers are reportedly skeptical of Senate Democratic Leader Harry Reid's vow this week to embrace "a thoroughly bipartisan process" on appropriation bills that move through the upper chamber.

The Nevada Democrat even gave a "promise" of cooperation to GOP House Speaker Paul Ryan, The Hill reports – a vow that was met with open laughter by his Republican colleagues.

There's nothing cynical about the GOP mistrust; the House passed six spending bills in 2015, and none of them got anywhere in the Senate, The Hill notes.

"I have some doubts," Michigan GOP Rep. Justin Amash of the House Freedom Caucus tells The Hill. "We're talking about Harry Reid. I think Harry Reid is pretty clever and I would take anything he says with a grain of salt."

"Harry Reid may be playing the game," Amash adds. "Ryan's new to the post. There's going to be some testing of each other. But I'll give Ryan the benefit of the doubt — he's the one who has to assess if Senator Reid is being honest."



Anonymous said...

Harry Reid won't get out of bed unless someone pays him too. He sold out America decades ago.

Anonymous said...

I trust him about as much as I trust the HildaBeast...but then, considering the way Ryan just sold out his country.....