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Saturday, December 26, 2015

Berlin New Year’s celebration brings back  ‘Dick Clark’

Berlin will ring in the new year on Main Street with a celebration including music, food trucks, trivia contests and giveaways on Thursday, Dec. 31.

Economic and Community Development Director Ivy Wells said the town would “crank it up a notch this year” during the event. Local businesses will donate items for prizes, and Wells promised an improved lights show.

Dave Miller, who will host the event with DJ Big Al Reno, said he hopes to bring a “Dick Clark” atmosphere to the sixth annual bash.

“Dick Clark was kind of an icon on New Year’s Eve,” he said. “Now all the kids know Ryan Seacrest, so maybe we’ll be sort of a Dick Clark meets Ryan Seacrest – the future meets the present.”



Anonymous said...

Just another event at Berlin with alcohol in the sheets and intoxicated mayor

Anonymous said...

With all the restaurants in Berlin why do you need to bring in food trucks to compete with local businesses?

Anonymous said...

They should have embalmed him like Lennon, then they could roll him out every new years.

Anonymous said...

Not many restaurants are open at midnight. The two that are are so packed you can't get in.

Anonymous said...

I'm sure if the restaurants were allowed to set up food stations outside that would solve the problem . How about the businesses that pay city taxes city water bills,City electric ,bills and support the community make some money instead of outsiders that don't have any of those expenses.