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Saturday, December 26, 2015


The International Planned Parenthood Federation says HIV-positive people’s ‘right’ to have sex should trump their sexual partners’ right to live

In a recent interview with Matt Lauer, actor Charlie Sheen disclosed that he is HIV-positive and has been aware of his HIV status for approximately four years. Since Sheen has a well-known sexual legacy and claims to have had sex with 5,000 women, Matt Lauer and the rest of humanity were understandably concerned that Sheen may have infected some of his many partners with HIV over the years.

Lauer asked Sheen pointedly, “Have you, since the time of your diagnosis, told every one of your sexual partners, before you had a sexual encounter, that you were HIV positive?” Sheen said, “Yes, I have.” Lauer: “No exception?” Sheen: “No exception.”

In this exchange, both Lauer and Sheen seem to assume it would be the right thing to inform a potential sexual partner that you are HIV-positive before engaging in sexual activity with him or her. Even if Sheen is not telling the whole truth, he seems to know he should at least publicly insist that he, without exception, told his sexual partners that he was HIV-positive before engaging in sexual activity with them.


Anonymous said...

STDs are part of the risk you take when having sex.

Anonymous said...

HIV is more than just a STD. It's a guarantee death sentence. All other STD's are treatable with a cure. HIV does not. You have to be filthy rich to afford the treatments that at least will keep one alive. But unfortunately, majority of the HIV positive individuals can't offered the treatments. Ask any heroin addict's.

Anonymous said...

I think I read somewhere that we have the right to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. So right to life, check. Right to sex, nope!