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Saturday, December 26, 2015

Mars Mission Launch Suspended

NASA is suspending the 2016 launch of the InSight Mission to Mars, planned for next March. The decision follows unsuccessful attempts to repair a leak in one of the lander’s key science components. The InSight Lander was supposed to monitor seismic activity once it landed on Mars, it would have been the first mission to the planet since the Curiosity rover in 2012. NASA said a decision on where the mission goes from here will be announced in the coming months.


Anonymous said...

Someone either did not get the memo that humans were not allowed in space or they chose to ignore it.Failure to acknowledge that fact does not negate it.There is no place in our universe for human space flight because of the residual consequences of our propulsionary methods.Any method of propulsion that radically disturbs the universal balance is unacceptable.Unmanned flights maybe,manned flights absolutely not because of the additional 360 degree thrust needed to transport humans and the needed necessities.We are simply too destructive to be allowed off of Earth.Everything that we could possibly ever need was put here to keep us here.

Anonymous said...

"...Any method of propulsion that radically disturbs the universal balance is unacceptable..."

Obviously 5:11 has never heard of Warp Drive, powered by di-lithium crystals. It's cheap, efficient and leaves no carbon footprint. There is no case on record of Warp Drive failing or polluting. you can look it up!