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Sunday, November 29, 2015

Lawyer For Displaced Disney Workers: 1,200 American Workers In N.Y. Are Training Their Foreign Replacements

Sara Blackwell, the Florida attorney representing the former Disney workers that were replaced by foreign workers told Breitbart News Daily that there are 1,200 Americans in New York who will suffer the same fate as the Disney workers.

“Right there in New York, 1,200 Americans are training their replacements” Blackwell said. Adding that it’s also, “happening at AT&T right now.”

Blackwell is the attorney representing the 23 Disney workers who are preparing to suing Disney after they lost their job to foreign workers.

This week, she filed a complaint with the Federal Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) on behalf of the former workers alleging that they are victims of national origin discrimination.

“I think that it’s an immigration reform issue, but more than that it’s a discrimination issue, it’s an American issue,” Blackwell told Breitbart News Daily host Steve K. Bannon.



Anonymous said...

AHHHHHHHHHHHH, No Comprehendeeeee

Anonymous said...

Comment not related to this:

Another WBOC gaf
NEW CASTLE, Md. – Smyrna is headed to the Delaware D-1 state championship after a 30-14 win over William Penn in the DIAA semifinals.
(New Castle Md???)

Anonymous said...

I would not give Disney my money because they are backstabbing crooks. I would not work for them for the same reason.
Sorry Disney workers, but that is why you don't work for backstabbing crooks.

Anonymous said...

Can't you see what is happening? Does it have to happen in your own town or own city? Your job will be given to the immigrants. Many of us will be homeless. A reversal of roles. One day we are middle class and tomorrow on the streets. Their answer is "how does it feel? Not one thing you can do about it once it happens. Action must be taken now. Talking about it will get us nowhere.